Let’s Cheers to Robbie Burns with a dram of Laphroaig

When it comes to brown liquor, one might say I have a deep and abiding love. This beautiful relationship started over 13 years ago and has continued to be one of the most true and great romances I have known in my life. It all started with Canadian whiskey (rye) and over the years has branched out to bourbon and scotch. You might just say I’ve been on a tasting adventure.

(I’m going to put in the obligatory please drink responsibly here….done)

Through my exploration of the amber nectars of the gods, I met Laphroaig Quarter Cask. This stunning scotch offers a wonderful “doubling of flavor,” which comes from the double maturation in two barrels made of American oak. This means still-maturing whiskey from standard ex-bourbon barrels, then transferring it to quarter casks and left to rest.

“This process represents Laphroaig breathing new life into a once-defunct tradition: the use of the smaller cask size, which ensures increased contact with the oak, creating a soft and velvety edge to complement Laphroaig’s distinctive peatiness.”

Check out the video below which explores in more depth how it’s all made.

On first breath, you’ll pick up the bold smoke and peat, followed by notes of toffee and caramel from the vanillas and tannins of the American oak, along with a dryness from the wood oil. The delicious and amazingly smooth finish is wonderfully drawn out and alternates between this sweetness and smoke.

What a dangerously smooth treat of a drink to warm up with on a harsh winter’s evening! So, if you are looking for a great scotch to enjoy, give Laphroaig Quarter Cask a whirl and tell us what you think!



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