Let Charcoal do the dirty work with Biore

We keep hearing about Charcoal from skin care experts, and when we found out that Bioré now has a Charcoal line, we just had to test it out.

Bioré’s  Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Combines trapping charcoal ingredients with Bioré Skin Purifying Technology. The outer core of charcoal attracts and holds impurities at its surface so that they can then be instantly washed away.The formula incorporates natural charcoal into a black liquid that transforms the white foam with water.


The Self Heating One Minute Mask works thermally to raise the temperature of skin helping pores to open and relax, drawing out 2.5x more dirt and oil than a basic cleanser and removing deep pore-clogging impurities in just one minute! While rinsing the formula a burst of cool activates to help refine pores and refresh skin.

We did find that the products drew out oil, dirt, and unclogged pores, and still left skin with sufficient moisture, and a radiant glow. We especially enjoyed the one minute mask, not only did it leave our skin fresh and clean, it was actually very soothing to have the warmth of the mask on our skin.

You should totally join us and become a Charcoal Addicted!  And even if you don’t, just know that these two products from Bioré and definitely a winning pair that you should try out for yourself!



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