Leave them for Pizza, and win with Pizza Hut

As much as most of us would like to say that we enjoy valentines day, we only really do when we are madly in love. If you have read our series “Addicted to Love?” then you probably know the team at Addicted is a little on the cynical side when it comes to stories of great romance. But what if you could find a true love that didn’t let you down, was there when you called and arrived within the hour, was always hot for you, didn’t leave a mess in your home or in your heart, and most of all didn’t argue or ask “what are you thinking?” Well I have the perfect answer for you: Pizza.

Now, I am not telling anyone to run out and eat their feelings because that leads to nothing good, but we all know that pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and unlike some of our relationships, pizza is dependable, warms us up, and is always there when you need it.

From the time that I was a child my parents used to take me and my friends to see a movie and have pizza at Pizza Hut (mostly for birthdays) and ever since then I have always had a love for the deep and delicious pizza they serve up with a smile. While I don’t eat it everyday, I do on occasion indulge in the experience, since you can cheat on a diet, unlike a relationship.

So this Valentine’s we here at Addicted want you to drop the last minute date search. We don’t want you to wait by the phone, or stare at your screen waiting for a message, because you deserve undivided attention from someone who is waiting for your call and is there for you with no questions asked. That’s where our friends at Pizza Hut have you covered.


Join us all day on twitter @WeRAddicted and @MarkMunroeMusic and have some fun by tweeting at us with your best break up line using the hashtag #BreakUp4Pizza, for the chance to win pizza for 6 months (in the form of a $500 gift card -now that is a lot of pizza!)

(only open to Canadian residents, winner will be chosen based on the best tweet for the contest by Pizza Hut)

So what are you waiting for? Unlike a relationship you can just jump head first into our contest, and let us know exactly how you feel. And unlike a partner, we won’t be offended. We look forward to hearing your best break-up lines, so bring it on….in the name of pizza, because as we know…it’s a deep love.



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