KUTOA tackles malnutrition one delicious bar at a time

What if every time you had a great healthy snack, that same type of snack was donated to someone in need. Wouldn’t that just make for a better world?
We sure think so.
So when we heard all about KUTOA Bars we just had to share in the fun.
KUTOA is on a mission to defeat malnutrition by providing children around the world with nutritious health bars. Malnutrition is the number one cause of child mortality worldwide. KUTOA believes that each one of us can be part of the solution. They have created a line of health bars to distribute to malnourished children, and have already sent almost 200,000 meals worldwide. For every bar that is bought, one is donated to a child in need.
The bars come in a variety of flavors including chocolate banana, blueberry almond, cherry cashew, and more. Each KUTOA bar is free of gluten/wheat, dairy, and soy, and non-GMO verified. The best part is, they taste just as delicious as they are healthy.
So wondering how just one person can help to make a difference? Well, there are a lot of companies out there nowadays that will do a give based on a buy, aka a bar bought equals a bar donated, or will donate products or food to those in need.
We like it this way as you know that with each bar you buy, one child in need will also be having a much needed healthy snack, now we call that buying smart.
So help a child and have a healthy treat today.
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