Kill Matilda take the Zombie battle south of the border

If there’s one thing I really love in this world, it’s fucking awesome female fronted bands.  Put that love together with my love of scary yet hilarious zombie movies, and I’m the quintessential Kill Matilda fan.  I’ve loved this band for years now, and I’m thrilled to tell all of you that they are not only going on tour, but that they will be embarking on their first US tour!  That’s right America, Kill Matilda is coming for you.

Kill Matilda are back and better than ever.  After a small hiatus due to health issues from a tumor in a carotid artery and an Ectopic pregnancy, Kill Matilda hasn’t let the odds against them stop them from an ass-kicking mission to Punk, Zombie and Rock n’ Roll across North America. While the band has played a slew of dates in Canada recently in promotion of their EP ‘Punk, Zombie, Rock n’ Roll’ (released earlier this year) the band has yet to venture south of the border. But that’s all about to change!  “We are so excited to be embarking on our first US tour. This has been a long time coming. We’re ready to cleanse the Zombie Plague from our Southern Neighbours while dropping some of our new singles produced last year by Garth Richardson.” comments vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner.

“I have a guitar, I have a microphone. One week out of my hospital bed, I will meet you onstage.” Dusty Exner (vocalist/guitarist) – A Rocky Start, A Re-commitment –

Kill Matilda is not only in a vicious battle against the walking and rotting undead, but are on a mission to recruit as many fans as possible into their mission.  Armed with two incomparable, indestructible, advantageous tools: their bone-crushing music and front woman Dusty Exner’s famous cookies, it’s no secret as to who I’ll be rooting for.

Tour Dates:

Sept 5 – London, ON @ London Music Hall/Rum Runners
Sept 11- Buffalo, NY @ The Forvm
Sept 14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill
Sept 18 – Washington, DC @ The Pinch
Sept 19 – Baltimore, MY @ Club K
Sept 25 – Charlotte, NC @ Tommy’s Pub
Sept 26 – Murrells Inlet, SC @ Rockin Hard Saloon
Sept 27 – North Charleston, SC @ The Mill
Sept 28 – Raleigh, NC @ Deep South
Oct 7 – Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
Oct 15 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Trash Bar
Oct 16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Connie’s Ric Rac
Oct 19 – Columbus, OH @ O’Shecky’s
Oct 21 – Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
Oct 31 – Toronto, ON @ TBA (Halloween Show)
Nov 1 – Cornwall, ON @ Lola’s Pub & Grub
Nov 2 – Ottawa, ON @ Le Petit Chicago
Nov 7 – Montreal, QC @ TBA
Nov 8 – Montpelier, VT @ Charlie O’s World Famous
Nov 9 – Winooski, VT @ The Monkey Bar
Nov 15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gussy’s Bar
Nov 23 – Melbourne ,FL @ Boondocks Bar
Nov 28 – Marietta, GA @ Swayze’s Venue
Dec 2 – Topeka, KS @ Boobie Trap Bar
Dec 20 – Eugene, OR @ The Black Forest
Dec 31 – Vancouver, BC @ TBA (New Years Eve Show)
Jan 2 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Jan 19 – St Louis, MO @ The Demo
Jan 22- Des Moines, IO @ TBA
Feb 14 – Dunellen, NJ @ Roxy and Duke’s
Feb 18 – New York, NY @ The Delancey
Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly