Kids, Cartoons, And Online Gaming

For a lot of parents, the online world can be a confusing one. This is especially the case if you are not tech savvy yourself yet. Nevertheless, you need to recognise that there are lots of benefits associated with computers and the internet.


There is a huge wealth of online games for kids that possess educational benefits, from out-and-out academic games to the best car games and cartoon-based games. Your child should definitely be reaping the rewards of these. However, if you are not completely comfortable with the internet yourself, then it can be difficult for you to determine what games your child should be playing in order to gain educational benefits.


If this applies to you then read on to discover how you can choose the right educational online games for your kids.


Age appropriateness

One of the first things you need to check is whether the games are age appropriate for your child. This is highly important because games have age ratings for a reason. You should never simply assume that an online game will be suitable for your child. You may see a game based on a popular cartoon and so assume it is fine. However, the game could be violent or unsuitable for those that there are under a certain age and you need to be aware of that. Furthermore, age appropriateness does not only relate to violence and suitable subjects. It also relates to the difficulty level of the game and the educational topics it touches upon. You need to make sure that the game you select is at a level whereby your child can use it properly, yet they can also learn from it as well.


Test the game yourself

There is no better way to determine whether one of the online games for kids you are considering is good or not than by trying it out for yourself. This is the only way to get the full picture regarding what the game is all about and whether it is a good choice for your child. You will be able to decipher whether your child will be able to use the game or not. Furthermore, you can determine whether the education being taught or picked up is relevant to your child’s current level of study.


Use online forums

There is a huge online gaming community out there just waiting for you to take advantage of it. A lot of people think that the gaming forums are simply applicable to hardcore gamers who like to play on their Xbox and PlayStation. However, this could not be further from the truth. There is a forum for everything – all sorts of games and queries. If you are looking for a particular educational based game then you can post a comment on a forum and ask people for their opinions. You can rest assured that people will come back to you with their views and tips. This is extremely beneficial because you are dealing with individuals who are or were in the same position as you. It is always good to be part of a parenting online community.

If you use the three points mentioned in this article then you give yourself the best chance of finding the right educational online games for kids. You should consider the age appropriateness of the game. You should test it yourself. And, you should ask other parents for their opinion as well.


Why political cartoons can be the best form of communication among kids

The world of cartoons is growing by the day. The array of different types of cartoons available for children is extensive. Moreover, there are many consequent forms of entertainment that have been provided because of the cartoons themselves. When your child wants a cartoon show put on the television you can opt for anything from funny cartoons to educational cartoons and adventure cartoons to even political cartoons. The latter option is dealt with in this article. Political cartoons possess many benefits and offer a great way of getting your child accustomed to a concept that will be very important later in their lives. In fact, political cartoons can help to pave the way for better communication amongst children as well. Read on to discover how this is the case.


Political cartoons encourage children to have an opinion

The only way you can communicate effectively is if you have an opinion to start with. After all, if you do not then you won’t have anything to say. Political cartoons breed opinions because they raise topics that are used in order to rouse different viewpoints and to even cause controversy. The fact that these topics are touched upon and they are done so via cartoons is highly important. First and foremost, politics revolves around touchy subjects and opinions and this offers children the best way of developing their own viewpoints. However, because they are done so via cartoons is important because this is through the methodology that children understand. Therefore, they are much more likely to get to grips with the topics being introduced. In addition to this, cartoons are a form of entertainment and therefore this makes the experience a more enjoyable one.


Political cartoons open the potential for debates and discussion

Political topics provide children with fantastic scope for discussion. This is a great way for children to embrace the concept of a debate and to get them to communicate effectively with others – other people who may disagree with what they have to say. The more debates brought on through political cartoons the better because this allows children to develop how to get their point across in a manner as effective as possible. This is often why political cartoons are utilised in schools. Teachers see them as a great activity and a great way to get the children involved in a different activity.


Political cartoons showcase that people don’t have to follow the norm

When growing up a lot of children copy other kids because they believe this is the right thing to do. They see how children act, they notice that particular kids are popular, and therefore they copy the way these people behave. This is a common factor in childhood, yet it needs to be addressed. Children need to know that they should develop their own opinions and that there is no right or wrong way for how a personality should be. Political cartoons help to showcase this because they revolve around the basis of differing opinions. They showcase that when people communicate with one and other it is ok for their views and opinions to be different.


There are many benefits associated with children watching political cartoons. A lot of these benefits relate to communication and thus can help your children to develop their communication skills effectively.


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