Keep Control

Every now and again there are amazing, funny, and sometimes even epic advertising campaigns that come out. It’s those truly great ones that make us laugh, entertain us, or are so ingenius we just have to watch them over and over again.

The new Tena Men commercial featuring Stirling Gravitaas is all of the above, and more.

Stirling Gravitaas is a man in control of all aspects of his life, whether it’s his masseuse, pet lion or even the laws of physics. In fact, super suave Stirling never lets any part of his life slip. From walking on fire to taming his lion, Stirling is always in control, and is the coolest of cool cats while he’s at it. What’s more, he’s got plenty of advice to share with the men all over the world. That’s why he’s the perfect candidate to be the face of TENA Men’s latest campaign, Keep Control.

Stirling will be fronting the campaign to encourage men everywhere to, like him, take control of every aspect of their lives, even in these…less than manly moments. Stirling will also be introducing the public to his personal twitter feed where he will give exclusive insight into his well-maintained life and share advice on how men can live to that very same and very high standard. If you want to be more like Stirling, or if you just want some insight into the life of a worldly, interesting and super cool guy, follow him @S_Gravitas.

And with out further ado we present “Keep Control”, the Epic new commercial from Tena Men. Because sometimes men lose control, and sometimes that control is in their bladder. It’s true, sometimes men pee themselves, and all you can do it grow up, deal with it, and learn to laugh about it. Once you do, you can enjoy amazing campaigns like this one.

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