K Flay at The Phoenix

On September 22, Kristine Meredith Flaherty, publicly known as K Flay, brought The Solutions Tour to Toronto at The Phoenix Concert Theatre with guests Your Smith and Houses. Promoting the album by the same name, Solutions, released in July, K Flay made a boot-stomping statement with genre-bending anthems like Bad Vibes, Sister, and Blood in the Cut.

Using the stage as her playground, K Flay came out with infectious energy as she drifted between symmetrical risers and the vast stage. Strobe lights pulsed with the music and spoken words cut like a razor. The vibrance of the lighting matched her sound perfectly.

1. Not in California
2. This Baby Don’t Cry
3. Bad Vibes
4. Black Wave
5. Giver
6. Make Me Fade
7. Good News
8. Champagne
9. I Like Myself (Most of the Time)
10. Nervous
11. Can’t Sleep
12. Fuck & Run (Liz Phair cover)
13. DNA
14. Only The Dark
15. Ice Cream
16. So Fast, So Maybe
17. High Enough

18. Sister
19. Blood in the Cut