K.Calderwood Cosmetics Review

As a Toronto girl, nothing makes me happier than coming across Toronto based brands that are not only bold, but also follow my code of ethics. So you can imagine my delight when I came across K.Calderwood Cosmetics, a Toronto based cosmetic company that is not only bold, but ethical, and good for my skin!

K.Calderwood is run by a young entrepreneur named Kimberley who started the company after struggling with sensitive skin most of her life, as a result, K.Calderwood is a healthy alternative cosmetic company that is: BHA free, silicon free, and paraffin free!

Not only are these products good for us, but they are also animal friendly as K.Calderwood does not partake in animal testing, and no animals are harmed in the making of their real mink lashes.

I fell in love with K.Calderwood because I feel like Kimberley’s products are bolder than the average cosmetic company. In the “Beauty Eyeshadow Palette” there are not only nude and neutral shadows, but also bright vibrant colours like: a true purple, bright yellow, and electric orange for the more adventurous makeup lovers. These shadows are true to pan when applied, very pigmented, and have no fall out. It becomes quite obvious that Kimberley’s products are quite different from other brands: while Kimberley’s wear beautifully throughout the day and last, they also come off beautifully at the end of the day with nothing more than soap and water. This palette is perfect for everyday use as it comes with 10 eyeshadows, 1 pressed pink powder blush, 1 lovely contour shade, and 2 pressed powder highlighters! One of the highlighters is made for a fairer complexion, while the other is marketed towards a darker complexion; that’s another thing I love about this brand: their inclusivity, and each products ability to be used on any skin type.

One product that immediately caught my attention was the glitter eyeshadow palette. While I love glitter as much as the next girl, glitter shadows tend to make me nervous because I’m always afraid of serious fall out. But K.Calderwood has me covered; their glitter shadows have a jelly mixed in with the glitter that acts as a primer and helps to hold the glitter to my eyelid for maximum glam with little to no fall out.

K.Calderwood also carries matte, and metallic liquid lipsticks, rainbow highlighter, and real mink lashes that are, like I said earlier, animal cruelty free.

At this point you must be wondering how much these products are retailing for. K.Calderwood has amazing price point that are appropriate for everyone, including our beauties on a budget.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative cosmetic company that is also ethical and doesn’t test on animals check out K.Calderwood Cosmetics at www.shopkcalderwood.com.

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