It’s time for Canadians to boycott Donald Trump

I’ve been a polite Canadian boy for long enough.

I watched as America voted in the worst president in American History, and ever since that moment I have been appalled that Americans have allowed this horrific show of hate to continue, and now spill over into Canada.

For those of you unaware, this week Trump went after Justin Trudeau, on Twitter of all places, on the eve of the G7 summit, tweeting that Trudeau is “being so indignant” among other comments about the leader of Canada.

See the full back and forth here.

We have always been very supportive of countries around the world, have always been forward in trying to do what’s right. And yet, here we are.

So, we here at ADDICTED are about done with Trump, so, we are boycotting him, his brands, his entire family and their companies, it’s time to Boycott Trump.

One thing is sure, we can work together to bankrupt the family. I mean, that’s the kind of world we live in, isn’t it? Just do whatever you want, without worrying about the consequences, that is the Trump way isn’t it?

Sure is!

The conflict between Trump and Trudeau is yet another exchange that goes to show that the leader of the “Free World” is not only dangerous but a total loser, and all around garbage human.  What better way to send our love than to boycott all his family of companies.

So, let’s begin!

You Can boycott:


Ivanka Trump

Trump Golf Courses


Trump Hotels Albemarle-Estate

Trump Chicago

Trump Miami

Trump Las Vagas

Trump Central Park

Trump MH

Trump Turnberry

Trump Vancouver (we want this one shut down, get out of Canada)

Trump Waikiki

Trump DC

Trump Productions

Trump Winery


For a full list of brands that sell Trump products, visit Macleans Here.


So this year instead of focusing on what we can’t do, let’s focus on what we can do, give Donald Trump and his family a giant middle finger, from your friends in Canada.



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