It’s A Girl! Lux Deluxe tour in support of new LP

With seemingly endless live music opportunities and a frighteningly short supply of weekends, it would be nice if the stroke-inducing task of festival scheduling were made easier. Although this is truly the most wonderful time of year, it can also cause some serious angst! At least I hope so, otherwise it’s just me! Allow me to ease your fear of missing out with this new music recommendation – Lux Deluxe.

Coming to us from Northampton, MA, Lux Deluxe are a young (the eldest is only 22!) indie rock five-piece with a new LP, It’s a Girl, to parade around. The record is 10 songs, each a different shade of the same colour. “What You Need” is synth-centric and will appeal to the indie pop fans among us – comparisons to Future Islands are apt – while “So Far Away” keeps it cool, but adds more of a straight-ahead rock feel. The bass lines are groovy, the keyboards high in the mix and lead singer Ned King’s voice is fresh and unique. He gives the band a certain classic rock feel. Their record is fun and I can only suspect the live show will be, too!

Lux Deluxe will be gracing the stage at the Edward Day Gallery for North by Northeast (NXNE) on Friday, June 20. If you’re a fan of the indie pop, you definitely shouldn’t miss this one!

Happy NXNE, everybody!

Hilary Johnston
Hilary Johnston is a writer, event manager and musician from Toronto.
Hilary Johnston