iPad who? Meet the stunning Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

We all know that the Apple iPad is the gold standard of tablets, but I recently had the chance to test drive the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, and I found myself thinking, iPad who?

I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for longer than I can remember.  That baby is still going strong years later, so going in I knew these devices can stand the test of time.  The S5e was an easy upgrade from the S2, the device still feeling familiar, but the emphasis was definitely on the word upgrade.

The S5e is as fabulous as it is functional, looking luxe while letting you accomplish everything you need with it. Just to put this review in context, my general tablet use would probably fall under most people’s definition of diversion.  It’s my personal mini Netflix streaming device, my e-reader for articles, books or just general Wikipedia scrolling, and my online shopping portal that’s way more comfortable to use than my laptop. That being said, the S5e is a powerhouse packed in a pretty package, so chances are even if your tablet use is far more intense than mine, you’ll still find yourself impressed.

I broke down the aspects of the device that stood out most to me based on my above-mentioned usage:


The Look

Superficial, I know but let’s be real, this tablet is gorgeous.  Encased in metal and glass, the S5e feels as solid as it does luxurious.  It’s light and slim, fitting easily into any handbag, backpack or briefcase and yet is durable enough that you’ll be confident taking it everywhere with you.  You’ll be proud to pull it out everywhere you go as with its vibrantly eye-catching Super AMOLED display and metal casing, available in Silver, Black, and Gold.  I tested out the rose gold version and very much enjoyed the 360 degree perspective on tablet style.

The Feel

As mentioned above, the S5e boasts an incredibly thin 5.5mm sleek metal body, and weighs only 406g. Its rectangular shape feels balanced, with a 10.5 inch Edge to Edge screen that provides a seemingly vast surface area to the eye while feeling comfortable and balanced in the hands.  My hands aren’t tiny but they aren’t huge, and I found myself easily able to balance the S5e in one hand while scrolling and tapping the screen with the other, something I wasn’t able to do with the wider, shorter S2.  It’s metal casing and glass screen feel incredible durable and strong as well, adding to the luxurious look and feel of the device, while also making the user feel more secure, knowing this tablet can take sustained use.  The touchscreen is incredibly responsive, and the updated Samsung user interface is even more intuitive than past iterations.  It’s now even easier to switch between applications, scroll through what’s open and really do everything you need to do on the device quickly and seamlessly.  Even someone unfamiliar with the Samsung Android operating system would be able to pick up this device and get the hang of it in pretty short work, a plus if you’re eyeing the S5e with gift giving in mind.

The Function

Now to the far less superficial:  when it comes down to it, this tablet just works really well.  Moving from my S2 was a breeze thanks to Samsung SmartSwitch, the app that allows users to move all apps and data over from one device to another with just a few clicks between devices.  That dreaded feeling of having to re-download and log back into all of your apps disappears thanks to that nifty process.  I was also easily able to cast content from the S5e to my Samsung TV, but I could easily connect to any brand television using one of the many built in apps and smart features.

The S5e’s battery life continually surprised me – it felt like I hadn’t charged it in days and had used it constantly, and yet somehow the S5e still had plenty of hours to go (up to 14.5 hours according to Samsung’s specs).


The Fun

In my life, every device has its purpose.  My laptop is for work, my phone is for communication and my tablet is for entertainment. My primary usage of my tablet is for consuming streaming content, usually through Netflix, CBC Gem (I love my Kim’s Convenience), Youtube Music or some other such app.  I thought my S2 was doing a fine job until I tried the S5e.  First of all, the sound was greatly improved, thanks to the S5e’s Quad Speakers, and Dolby Atmos integration.  Whether I was watching whatever dorky thing I love on Netflix or listening to Lizzo while getting ready to go out, I was pleasantly surprised by how much sound power this little tablet packed.

I also love using my tablet for all my online shopping needs, and the S5e was great for that.  It was comfortable to use for extended periods of time, helpful when I’m scrolling endlessly for great deals or researching my next purchases.  And honestly, sometimes I need to combine my streaming and researching needs at one time – does anyone else love watching historical dramas and fact checking plot lines through Wikipedia?  If you do, trust me, the S5e is a great device to do just that on.


In search of a new tablet this as we approach the holiday season?  Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.  Spoil yourself or someone you love with this beautiful piece of functional luxury.  Click here to learn where to buy.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly