Interview with Landmark Event’s Arthur Kalimidis

Landmark Event’s founder Arthur Kalimidis has always been a man with a plan.  Kalimidis himself started out as a touring musician, the experience teaching him the ins and outs of event planning, tour booking and production.  Kalimidis had a vision; a festival that would revolve around artist development, bringing artists and the industry together with the support and help they needed to get to that next level.  And so Landmark Events was born.  The events were successful, and after artists began finding management and labels through, the demand rose, and LME now operates in 5 cities and 3 provinces (Quebec, Ontario and BC).  , I’m glad founder Kalimidis took the time to chat with me about his organization and the great work they do with fledging bands, artists and musicians.

Tell me about how you got involved in events and music promotion?

Once upon a time I was in a touring band so I would set up our own events. I then began booking signed acts so that we could have access to better shows. I continued promoting events after the band dissolved and never stopped. about 4 years ago, I set up my first showcase event and the rest was history…

What does music mean to you, as a person and as someone in the industry?

Part of me will always be a musician and I now live vicariously through artists that perform in the Landmark Showcases. It has always been an integral part of my life as a listener and performer. Because of that I feel that I understand the business from the ground up since I have been on both sides of the coin. I am literally emotionally invested in the events and my company.

How do you perceive the current climate of the music industry?  what role can LME play to improve the current situation?

In my opinion, major labels don’t take as many risks anymore. Artists need to learn how do develop their brand with a DIY mentality. They essentially need to create their own little business per say, either independently, or in conjunction with a smaller label/management. That’s where we come in; the event is not only about performing live, but helping artists build a support team along with development/prize platforms to help properly get their material to the masses. Our Showcases feature industry reps from all assets of the industry: label owners, managers, publicists, radio programmers, A&R reps etc…

Tell me about Landmark events, what’s the intention behind the organization?

To break down the walls between artists and industry and help build a collaborative development platform through our resources/prizes as well and the networking capabilities we offer at the live shows with industry reps.

Tell me about the showcase festival, what big breakthroughs have you made at these events? What kind of connections have been forged?

Past participating artists such as Eleven Past One (Warner), Jon Richman (Milagro Records), Filthy Haanz (Club Roll Records), and Glorious Sons (Black Box records) have all found labels. Other artists end up working with management, publicists, radio programmers and booking agents that they meet at our events. Every situation is different and unique.

What advice would you give to artists and bands out there who are trying and failing or get industry attention?

Keep writing… Be confident yet SELF REFLECTIVE. As great as you think you material and songs may be, there is always room for growth. It all starts with the product.

What does the future hold for LME and the showcase festival?

We want to expand to more cities but cautiously. We don’t want to over saturate and loose the culture of the company due to delegation. We have a very hands-on, in person approach to everything and want to keep it that way.

DSC00088 (1)(left to right) Mark Spikoluk + Dan Hand (Underground Operations) | Arthur Kalimidis (LME) | Voctor Mijares (A&R @ Warner Music) at The Mod Club (Toronto)

If you’re in Toronto this weekend, be sure to check out the Landmark Events showcase at Tattoo Rock Parlour, April 26th and 27th.  Stay tuned for artist information, and be sure to check out the show.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly