Interview: The Blu Party with Canada’s own Sydney Blu


If you’re into badass Canadian talent, then Sydney Blu is for you. Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, she’s been absolutely killing it as a DJ, producer, and successful record label owner. Not just a talented artist, Blu is a businesswoman who throws iconic Blu Parties all over North America and hosts her own radio show, Blu Radio. She carefully curates her parties to be jam-packed full of groovy talent, good vibes, and memorable beats that’ll keep you dancing all night and into the morning hours.

Her Blu Party series has graced cities such as Miami and Detroit, and now she’s back home in Toronto to host the second installment of the 2016 Sunset Sessions at Sunnyside Pavilion this Saturday (June 18). An evening of some of the best house and techno music you’ll hear in the city all summer, the Blu Party is not to be missed.

Blu will be showcasing Toolroom artists such as Weiss and NYC’s Joeski, while also making room for local Toronto talent such as Sean Roman, Mike Gibbs & Jamie Kidd, Miz Megz, and more. You can get your tickets here.

We were lucky enough to snag Sydney to talk about how she crafts those iconic parties, how she finds the talent she surrounds herself with, and what she does when she finally has a moment to herself. 

Your show on the 18th is a mix of house music and techno. Some artists just pick one genre and stick to it, but your parties always seem to have a variety. Is this something that you feel is important to bring to the music fans that come to your events?

The music I pick for my shows is always a reflection of me, what inspires me, what I’m vibing with, and what artists I’m really enjoying. I have been pitched tons of artists in the past that are good because they can draw numbers and people through the door. But, that’s not inspiring for me whatsoever. I see no point in doing an event at all if that’s case. I’m not a promoter, I’m a person who is inspired by music just like the rest of us and I like to showcase that in a good lineup.

From throwing your signature Blu parties to playing shows all over North America, how do you keep yourself grounded?Syndey Blu and PXC 172-Edit-Edit

I do a lot of yoga. I’m also very well travelled and that alone grounds you. I think as you get older and learn more about the world around you, you become grounded and humbled. It’s always a work in progress.

With Toronto being your home, you never shy away from showcasing local talent. How do you stay in the loop of the Toronto music when you’re on the road or busy making new music?

Even though I’m not always here and going out, I’m close with people that are. This scene is my pulse, so it’s hard not to notice was is happening. I guess I’m just naturally drawn to it. Also, I like helping and noticing up-and-coming talent too.

Well, you always play alongside absolutely incredible talent. What’s the process like for you choosing headliners for your parties?

The way I choose my headliners is the way I choose people to be on my radio show. I guess that’s a good comparison! I pick people where I’m either playing their track or I’ve seen them DJ and loved it. I might be working with them in the studio, or maybe they’re on my label. It’s in one of those capacities that the bookings come.

Lastly, you run your own label, throw your own parties, travel to headline shows, and find time to make your own music — what are you doing when you’re not working!?

That’s an easy question because there are very few moments when I’m not working, so I can count the number of the other things on one hand.

In my off time I:

  • Try to take a hot yoga class at least 3-4 times a week
  • Snuggle with my dog Nico
  • Go to park and play ball with my dog Nico
  • Occasionally go on dates [laughs]
  • Play vinyl
  • Go for a pint with friends
  • Go see my family when I have a few days

That’s it! I’m boring!

Boring? We certainly don’t think so! Keep up with Sydney Blu on her website and through her social outlets.


Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

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Samie Durnford