International Day of the Girl Child

I am many times blessed to have some of the most amazing women in my life. From my strong yet sensitive mother to my brilliant doctor sister, and my inspiring best friend and co-creator of ADDICTED.

I have examples all around me showcasing the true power of the female spirit, and while I know that there are tons of women the world over who broke free from the mould, didn’t listen to the naysayers and walked their own path, that’s not always the case due to situation or lack of opportunity.

What if life was full of no’s, full of closed doors, or even worse. There are girls the world over living in horrifying situations where they don’t even have clean drinking water or proper nutrition, lets alone all the other things most of us take for granted.

So today, on International Day of the Girl Child I thought I’d pen some words around a charity that has been close to my heart pretty much my whole life, Children Believe.


What is Children Believe?

For nearly 60 years, caring Canadian donors and other partners have made it possible for CCFC to help vulnerable children of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures around the world. CCFC has now become Children Believe, and they plan to take that work even further.

“A compelling brand helps us empower children to access education, stand up for what they believe in and be heard in a way that excites people to join our work,” says CCFC’s CEO, Patrick Canagasingham. “Whether it’s being the first in their family to go to school, saying no to child marriage or becoming Prime Minister, we help children believe they can do the extraordinary. That can take them anywhere.”


What do they do?

Children Believe is about the potential and possibility of every child and the organization’s belief that education is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world.

Through its work in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, the agency helps children dream fearlessly, providing the tools and training they need to overcome barriers preventing them from accessing education and being a voice for change. Through the support of sponsors and other partners, young people with big dreams – and even bigger hurdles standing in the way of achieving them – are empowered to challenge inequality, discrimination and violence and thrive amidst adversity.




Are they doing anything here in Canada?

Children Believe launched the Global Youth Ambassador program, helping Canadians aged 16-25 with their personal and professional growth. It offers access to over 200 donated online courses, support from mentors, and maybe the most alluring part, a chance to travel.


How can you help:

Children Believe offers a gift guide with many girl-focused options, such as the purchase of a female hygiene kit for a year, sending a girl to school for a year, and a newborn starter kit. Beyond that, there is always the option of sponsoring a girl child to help ensure that she will have access to all the basics she needs to start her journey on the right foot.


For myself and the people I know, most of us live a pretty great life, and really, if you’re reading this, you’re probably included in that. Often, we get settled into our own routine and forget that there are people living real struggles, real horrors, real nightmares, and really, it’s our job to help. Through our words, our actions and our donations.

So join us in making a difference today, on International Day of the Girl Child.


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