Indulge in the new Raspberry Thunder Ice Cream IPA with Kawartha Dairy and Muskoka Brewery

The sky truly is the limit when it comes to craft beer variety.  Innovative and ambitious craft brewers are always keeping eyes, noses and taste buds out for ideas in flavour creation and combination.  Even a beloved cottage country ice cream shop can hold a wealth of inspiration.  If that surprises you, you aren’t alone.  I had no idea that beer could taste like ice cream until I met the teams behind Muskoka Brewery and Kawartha Dairy, and tasted their newest collaboration, the Black Raspberry Thunder IPA.

When you think of two names that are synonymous with cottage country, Kawartha Dairy and Muskoka Brewery spring to mind.  In 2018 the pair came together to create their Salty Caramel Truffle Beer, a beautiful brown brew that was incredibly well received.  “Last year’s collaboration with Kawartha Dairy was a resounding success,” said Muskoka Brewery President, Todd Lewin. “Stores sold out quickly, so we knew that we wanted to grow the partnership from there.”

For 2019, the brains behind the brands came together and decided that Kawartha Dairy’s Black Raspberry Thunder Ice Cream would be the latest ice cream to undertake the Muskoka Brewery beer transformation.  It’s a decadent of white chocolate ice cream base with a tart yet sweet raspberry fruit ribbon and white chocolate chunks throughout.  So…how can even the most seasoned brewer turn this creamy concoction into a beer?

It takes a lot of thought, consideration, and more than a couple of tries to get it just right, Todd from Muskoka Brewery shared.  The team behind the collab-brew-ation had to decide what type of beer would make the most sense.  “A milkshake IPA seemed like the right fit, with a connection to ice cream in the name and its building popularity in craft,” said Todd. Once the type of beer has been identified, it’s then a matter of curating the flavour profile to ensure it does justice to its ice cream inspiration. After a few trial batches and lots of taste testing, they soon had it: full-bodied raspberry and vanilla flavours, distinctly refreshing IPA character and its rich, ice creamy finish, they had created a beer worthy of the name Black Raspberry IPA.   “Our last rendition of this style, Berry Springer, won the World Beer Award for Best Specialty IPA” Todd said proudly, “so we’re expecting great things from Black Raspberry Thunder.”

As dynamic and versatile as it is unmistakably unique, Blackberry Thunder IPA can be enjoyed alone on a hot sunny day, as the perfect beer to serve with a sweet and savoury barbecue feast, or on its own after said feast in place of dessert.  Or, as I learned when I first sampled the stuff, you can even bake with it!  Some media friends and I got the chance to try Black Raspberry Thunder before it became available to the public in a very hands-on tasting experience, that included baking delicious raspberry beer scones with none other than the beer we were sampling!

Then, we got to combine the best of both worlds by whipping up our own beer ice cream floats, made with none other than Black Raspberry Thunder IPA beer and Black Raspberry Thunder Ice Cream.

We left with a new appreciation for both ice cream and IPAs, and highly recommend trying both in the Black Raspberry Thunder Variety, separately or together.  Muskoka Brewery Black Raspberry IPA is now available at the LCBO,  at just $3.65 CAD a can.  So get yourself a taste of summer, while we can only still dream about it.

Muskoka Brewery

Kawartha Dairy

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly