Indulge in Infinity Brunch at Aqua in Hong Kong

“You had me at free flowing champagne.” This was my response when invited out to try the Infinity Brunch at Aqua in Hong Kong.

The view of the island side of Hong Kong and all the activity in the water was incredible. This view alone could be a reason to visit…but luckily there was more to tempt and intoxicate.


After bubbly began to flow, out came the limitless starters, which included sushi and sashimi platters, nicely salted edamame, and antipasto. The sashimi was fab so I focused my chopsticks on that as I found the others a little bland.

infinity brunch aqua hong kong sushi pasta food

This was followed by unlimited pastas. We had a salmon and scallop risotto and many, many bites of the lamb ravioli soaked in a brilliant buttery sauce.

After the infinite starter dishes were devoured we ordered our mains and tried to figure out how we’d have room for them. The majority of our group went for the pork teriyaki. Very tasty and wonderfully seasoned, with only one only small note (which, as a meatatarian I can’t believe I’m saying): it was pretty much just a bowl of meat. If there was more lettuce to make a mini salad rather than a bowl lining, or a small bed of rice, the dish would have been more nicely balanced.

pork main infinity brunch aqua hong kong food travel

Miraculously I found room in my belly for dessert, which was, yet again, all you can indulge. The petite doughnuts that were warm with a liquidy chocolate center were my favorite.

dessert aqua infinity brunch hong kong

All the while, our glasses were constantly being topped up with the free flowing Veuve Cliquot, and cocktails were also included in the package. I really liked the Elderflower Sparkle, very light and refreshing and perfect at the end of the feast. It was concocted with Chase Elderflower liqueur, mint, lemon juice, prosecco, and soda. Scrumptious!

elderflower drink aqua infinity brunch hong kong

The Infinity brunch up at Aqua is an unforgettable experience to indulge in when in Hong Kong!

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