7 Vehicle Solutions that’ll Improve Your Safety on the Road

Vehicle safety is a top concern among drivers. In the USA alone, tens of thousands of people die every year in vehicle-related accidents. In fact, if you’re eating a generally healthy diet, the riskiest thing you’ll do today is getting behind the wheel of your car.

So, it’s understandable that most people are very interested to hear what can be done to improve vehicle safety when out on the road. Check out our list of solutions that auto-makers are investing in, as well as things that you can do to improve your safety today!


Automatic braking

Many new models from a good number of car companies now include sensors in the front of the car that will cause the car to automatically brake if they detect an object immediately in front of you. Front-end collisions can be particularly devastating. In addition to this, from an insurance and legal point of view, a front-end collision investigation will almost always find the driver at fault. Investing in a car with automatic detection is a wise idea.


Lane departure warnings

In addition to automatic collision detecting brakes, some newer cars come equipped with audible or tactile warnings to let you know if you’re drifting in your lane a bit. Long stretches of sleepy highway can sometimes lead drivers to drift in their lanes. The addition of a warning that they are doing so will no doubt reduce the number of collisions caused by drifting across lanes.


Rear bumper camera 

It’s rare that you’ll seriously hurt yourself backing out of a parking spot – but it’s not impossible that you hurt a pedestrian who’s walking behind your car. Some newer model cars include a camera in the rear bumper so that you can see when you’re getting close to a car that’s behind you. This can be a huge help to anyone who has trouble parallel parking, too.


Blindspot warning 

Blind spots can be one of the easiest causes of an accident. If you’re changing lanes last minute on the highway because you’re about to miss your exit, it can be easy to forget an over the shoulder check, which could lead to a collision. Some newer car models will include blind-spot detection, which will beep if you’ve put your turn signal on while someone is in your blind spot. (Just be sure you’re using your turn signal!)


Fleet tracking 

You may not be the only driver of every car you own. If you’re a small business owner with a fleet of company cars, you probably should consider vehicle tracking software. By having diagnostic information on your fleet drivers’ performance, you’ll be able to make safety-maximizing adjustments wherever needed.

That’s even more important when you have so many of your assets out on the road, as you might if you own a fleet of company cars. Knowing how fast your drivers tend to go, whether they are taking the shortest possible route, and knowing how often and where they park can be a great way to decrease liabilities.


Remember to check safety ratings 

One solution to improve vehicle safety is to always check the safety ratings of the car you’re interested in before committing. It’s easy to get swept up in the glamour and style of a car or bogged down in the best ways to minimize your costs. Those are important, but remember, when shopping for a car, safety should really come first. You’re putting more than your wallet or your personal image on the line when you buy a car: you’re putting life and limb.


Drive safely 

No amount of tech in the world is as important as making sure that you drive responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, make sure that when you drive, you’re focused on driving, try to drive at the speed limit, never text and drive, and be sure that you’re following the rules of the road and being conscientious to other drivers. In the end, it’s the safety tips that your driving instructor taught you years ago that will be the most likely to save you from a dangerous accident.

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