IKEA Experiment with Time Travel

I’m sure we have all had that thought that it would be amazing to travel through time; to go back and change something from the past or to re-live a beautiful moment, or even just forward to the future to see where life and love will take us. IKEA has decided to create just that with hypnotist Justin Tranz, allowing young couples to experience their future in a fascinating time travel experiment.

In this experiment, world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz puts young couples in deep trance before they’re exposed to potentially life-changing events. Guided by Tranz, the young couple embarks on a time journey where different life predictions awaits them – from celebrating a birthday for their imaginary 6-year old daughter, to an odd meeting in the bathroom with the same daughter’s future boyfriend, years later.

Justin Tranz has done well over 6,000 stage shows and is the only hypnotist in history to ever legitimately perform on Broadway. He has helped thousands in their bid to stop smoking, lose weight or attain other personal goals. He has also worked with medical professionals, corporate executives and athletes in all sports and levels of competition.

With the Time Travel Experiment, IKEA collaborated with Tranz to put the spotlight on events that change how we live our everyday lives. One of life biggest transitions, becoming a parent, is a highlight in the film — see video below.

We have to applaud IKEA for yet another campaign executed well outside of the box, something we’ve come to expect from the brand. Would we really want to see into the future? Probably not, but it would be fascinating to see what would stay current when it comes to furniture and home decor; which pieces would remain vital and functional over the years, and which would we look back on with a cringe? Will we one day be those out of touch grandparents, whose the disastrous ’70s home motif visitors mock upon departure, or will our generation be the one to harness a classic, lasting style?

Maybe we should follow the advice of Johan Wickmark (Global Catalogue Manager for IKEA) and “Find solutions for every episode in your life.”



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