If You Don’t Listen To Prince Caspian, You Aren’t Doing It Right

You’re going to want to be sitting down for this. If you like music (like, at all), there’s no doubt you’ll soon be as into this artist as I am. If you haven’t already done so, let your ear holes experience the pure awesomeness that is Prince Caspian aka DCF aka David Charles Fischer aka my newest obsession.

I was lucky enough to catch this guy live the other night at Smiling Buddha, having only heard his music previously in the comfort of my own apartment. Very little makes me happier than when an artist is even better on stage than they are through your speakers, and this is exactly the case. From my spot next to the stage, I wasn’t paying much attention to the audience – that is, until I turned around to see the room suddenly packed to capacity full of sweaty twenty-somethings, all singing every word. The buzz in the room was palpable to say the least, and if nothing else the crowd’s enthusiasm alone blew me away. If nothing else, that is. And there’s plenty else.

This techno/pop/hip hop/magic amalgamation of sounds is pretty difficult to categorize (in the best way possible). Amongst the vodka, sweat and never-ending camera flashes, the crowd was granted the fortune of watching DCF dispense his musical craziness. I’ve had his album Pop Songs on repeat ever since, and would truly love to tell you my favourite track, but that would force me to choose, and I simply cannot.

Bottom line, get your shit together, and get yourself DCF’s album Pop Songs. You’re going to want to get on this now, before he becomes too famous to take your calls.




Photos by Heather Carson


Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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