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Toronto is continuously getting bigger, streets are getting smaller and parking is…well disappearing, and let’s not talk about the traffic. Mark Munroe and I had the pleasure of tackling all these challenges with the 2017 Hyundai Veloster Turbo while kicking off our adventure series with Hyundai Canada.

The Veloster Turbo was the perfect car to begin our urban adventure with. Nimble and fast, it really felt like a little rocket, and believe me, it certainly beats the Red Rocket. Exceeding all my expectations, I often found myself behind the wheel just driving and looking for excuses to use it. Getting all my daily tasks done was a hoot (who says hoot anymore) from grocery shopping, to getting to the gym to just exploring the city, places like High Park, Humber Bay Park and other locations that weren’t a park. But where the Veloster really shines is in the city, making light work of the traffic with its prancing 200 horsepower and small light body buzzing around other cars.

Speaking of small, did I mention that you can park this car anywhere? The Hyundai will make you look like you know how to parallel park with all the room you have around you. With the addition of the large navigation screen and the backup camera, it really is a breeze even for the tightest of spots. Once parked you won’t be able to help but look back at it and its quirky yet sporty looks with two doors on one side and one for the driver, giving practicality to the coupe design, you’ll also notice the large dual exhaust in the center of the car making you think it’s about to take off. The unique styling certainly grows on you and even the non-believers fall in love with it especially in the Boston Red we got our hands on.

Moving on to the cabin where most of your time will be spent. I have to point out probably the greatest invention since the wheel, it actually re-invented the wheel. The heated steering wheel is my favorite option on new cars, and if you’re buying a car in 2017 make sure yours has it. The Veloster Turbo had my hands on the wheel constantly, especially in the chilly morning hours. On the steering wheel, you’ll find many options controlling various things in the car AND more importantly paddle shifters. When in sport mode and using the paddle shifter, the quick shifts really make you feel like a race car driver, and that’s what you really want, a fun engaging ride.

Continuing with the sporty theme, Hyundai equipped the Veloster with extremely comfortable, highly bolstered seats that will keep you in place when you’re having fun in the corners. The Turbo model also comes with an embroidered “Turbo” script on the seat bolsters so you know that you’re driving something a bit more special, nice touch Hyundai. As for the room inside, it is quite spacious even for someone that is 6’3” like me. Don’t expect that it will be fun for the person sitting behind you but it is certainly doable on shorter trips. The extra rear passenger door really comes in useful when somebody is hopping in and out or when you’re grabbing something from the back seat. The sloping roofline will make you believe that trunk space is smaller than your gym bag, but it is also deceptively roomy. To prove I actually fit inside with the trunk closed, but I’m sure you can fit much more practical stuff in there. With the rear split folding seats, you can easily throw in ski/snowboard equipment for the winter months or a cooler and all your beach toys in the summer months.

All in all, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo hits a lot of the checkmarks you want to have in a fun city car. It is stylish, it will fit in on Queen St. West but won’t be out of place when you hand the keys to the valet in Yorkville. It is incredibly practical as we all know hatchbacks are a black hole of room with the back seats down. It’s sporty and will certainly put a smile on your face when you put the hammer down on the gas pedal and it corners like it’s on rails.

Lastly, it’s economical and affordable, a full tank of gas will run you about $45 and you’ll forget the last time you were at the gas station. It was a great week with Hyundai and a great start to the adventures we have geared up for you with some of the stars of the Hyundai 2017 line up.

So make sure you join us on our travels as we grab the keys, hit the road and continue our Addicted Adventures!

This series and post are sponsored by Hyundai Canada in association with Addicted Media Inc.

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