How Travel Helps The Economy

Did you know that your choice to travel can help the economy? More often than not, we hear out how travel is harming the earth. Emissions and global warming are always on our radar. However, we do also need to make sure that we’re thinking about the benefits that travel can have to local economies. Although there are several as seen in the infographic below, we’re going to consider three.


  1. Provides Jobs


First of all, when there is a tourism trade, jobs are created in different countries. This often means that local residents get better opportunities, they learn more, and they have a chance to bring more money into their family homes.


  1. Brings In Money


But not only that, travel brings money into each local economy too. Particularly in developing areas in the world, this can really help to make a difference.


  1. Preserves The Environment


And finally, you’ll also find that travel can actually preserve the environment too. When you think about conservation projects or developments for tourism, money is going back into the earth and really working to make the area a better place for everyone, including nature.


Based on the infographic below, you’ll see that these points largely apply to tourism in Africa. Particularly when it comes to heading on safaris. However, that’s not all. These benefits can often be seen in a range of economies too. So remember to keep being a travel bug!


Infographic Design By africa odyssey



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