How to Use Facebook to Promote your Business?

Facebook has gained worldwide recognition in the past few years and claims the highest share of overall internet activities. People are not only using it for fun and personal networking but also for commercial purposes. In fact, if we look into business statistics for growth and expansion, we find out that Facebook (FB) has played a big role in the success of small businesses and creating millions of new jobs. Here in this article, you will find out the techniques of using Facebook to promote your business.



Create a Facebook Fan Page

If you want an endorsement of your business through Facebook, you must create a Facebook Fan Page for your business. If you want people Like your page, then you need to describe your business well. A brief overview of the business and description of your products and services, are what you need to make your Facebook page look good.



Update the Page Regularly

Creating a Facebook fan page is just not enough. You would need to update it on regular basis to attract visitors and engage them. Make sure to share relevant posts that promote your business. For instance, announce the latest offers and discounts on your products. To gather Facebook likes, you can also create events on your page and invite your current and potential customers to join them.



Accumulate Page Likes

Once you have set up your Facebook page, the number of Facebook likes on your page will indicate the performance of your business. Most consumers keenly observe the fan following of a business and then make their decision. A convenient way to gather page likes is by making interesting and attractive posts that followers can share. However, this would require a lot of time and efforts. Avoid buying Facebook Likes; it might increase the number of ‘Likes’ on your page but you will not be able to engage them. Most FB Likes are fake and a waste of money.  



Find Targeted Audience

Facebook can really help you find the target audience for your business. As every user on FB has a defined profile, you can easily identify users that suit to be your customers. Based on age, gender, place of residence and work, you can filter users and classify them into different customer segments.



Redirect Visitors to your Site or Blog

Once you have a visitor on your Facebook fan page, you can easily interact with them. For better interaction between your business and potential customers, you can redirect them to your website or blog. Make sure your site or blog has enough to engage the redirected visitors for some while. 

With the above tips and instructions, you can gather thousands of fans and likes on your Facebook page within weeks.



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