How To Travel the World On Credit Card Rewards Points

If you are looking for the best family cruises, or to otherwise travel the world for free, there is no better way than using credit card rewards points. With an excellent credit card, you can gain enough travel rewards for you to redeem them as air tickets.

Guest post by Kevin Gardner

Here is how to travel the world on credit card rewards points:

Acquire An Excellent Rewards Credit Card

Overall, you need a fantastic credit score to be eligible for the top credit cards for travel rewards. If you lack excellent credit, put effort into boosting your credit by handling your past due balances and creating a positive payment history. Generally, there are two kinds of travel rewards cards that offer more rewards on purchases with a particular hotel or airline. If you are loyal to a specific hotel or airline, pick a branded credit card. In case you make plenty of travel purchases across many companies, the generic card is ideal for you.

You can have several cards if you wish. Having multiple travel rewards cards offers you the chance to get more rewards. For instance, you may have a credit card that offers the best rewards upon purchasing gas, and another card that offers higher rewards on travel purchases. You also don’t need to use travel rewards cards. A cashback card can also aid in paying for travel. However, be sure to watch out for any caps on the cashback amount that can be earned on the card. Pick a card that offers the best cashback on your high spending areas. Be sure to go for a card that doesn’t put a ceiling on the rewards that can be earned, and doesn’t have a short expiration period. Check out other perks such as foreign transaction fees, ability to receive bonus rewards through booking with travel partners, waived checked baggage costs, and complimentary companion tickets.

There is a probability that you will have to pay a yearly fee on the top travel rewards cards. Numerous cards waive the fee in the initial year, but you start paying in year two. If you can earn sufficient rewards for a free hotel or flight, you will end up realizing that you have paid the annual fee. Be sure to pay it off immediately to avoid interest cost on the yearly fee. Always charge all travel-related purchases on your credit cards to get the maximum points. To earn free airline tickets with your travel card rewards, you require making sufficient rewards to redeem them. Familiarizing yourself with your rewards program will help you know how to best use your card in maximizing your rewards. For instance, if your card offers more rewards on purchasing gas, you’ll want to use your card for gas.


Always Clear Your Balance Fully

This is one of the essential rules when using a rewards credit card, particularly a travel rewards card. Fully paying your balance every month will aid in maintaining excellent credit that allows you to qualify for better offers. Whenever your card has a balance beyond the grace period, you must pay finance charges. Hence, to use your card for free, you have to settle all your charges each month to prevent interest. No matter the amount of the balance, never miss a payment. The same holds true while you’re on vacation. Be sure to apply the same rules by using your credit cards while traveling.


Avoid Transactions Such as Cash Advances and Balance Transfers

If you want to avoid extra charges on your card, you need to avoid cash advances and balance transfers. Even when your card has a zero-percent promotional rate on balance transfers, the cost of the balance transfer could be a lot of money depending on the amount transferred. Additionally, these transactions fail to earn you any rewards. They also take up credit on your card, leaving less credit for your purchases, which are supposed to earn you travel rewards.


Traveling the world on credit card reward points is not for everyone. It requires you to have good credit, always pay your balances, avoid unnecessary use of your credit through cash advances and balance transfers, and use your credit card for all purchases that offer the best travel rewards. In short, it requires a little discipline and understanding how to maximize your rewards. However, if you can follow these simple rules, you’ll be able to have some amazing travel experiences without feeling the hit to your wallet.

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