How to Start an Online Gaming Business in 2019

The gaming and gambling industry is booming with increased revenue, more players and advanced technology providing better gaming experiences. Along with the most entrepreneurial young generations ever seen, this makes for a cocktail for success. Lots of people set out on ventures to start their own online gaming and gambling business in the hope of owning cool and innovative sites like mFortune Bingo. Yet, not every entrepreneur wins at this game. So if you are thinking of launching an online gaming business, read the tips coming your way below.

Business Banking

Every business should open a business banking account. It’s the perfect way to track finances and have a financial record of your business’s activity. Online gaming businesses are executing transactions every day and should have the most advantageous business accounts. Due to such a business model relying heavily on seamless transactions, online gaming businesses will often open multiple business bank accounts in case something goes wrong.



If you submerged your beach towel in the ocean, it still wouldn’t be as saturated as the online gaming market. There are thousands of online casinos successfully in operation, but there are also just as many that have not made the grade. To create an online gaming business that is the former and not the latter, it will require heavy investment in marketing. This includes affiliate marketing, SEO specialists, bloggers and social media wizards.


Payment Providers

When your online casino is enabling multiple payments each day, or even each minute, you need to make sure it does three things. It should be safe and defend against money laundering and fraud. It should be secure so your gamers’ details are not compromised leaving you to face lofty fines. Yet, just as important, the payment provider you choose should offer a wide range of payment options that are quick and simple. Do you accept credit cards? What about PayPal? Even cryptocurrencies?


Think Licenses

From a lemonade stand to online gaming businesses, most of the time we need a license to start operating and trading. The gambling industry in most locations is heavily and strictly regulated. This means those thinking of creating their own will need to work out their legal obligations and acquire the relevant casino licenses.

On some occasions, licenses may be needed for each type of betting, i.e. sports betting or slot machine betting. Do your research to avoid failure. In the same vein, all online casinos will need to be aware of changes to gambling laws to avoid fines.


Software Providers

When starting an online gaming business in 2019, one of your immediate thoughts will be how to create a platform that works. If you’re not a coder or a tech genius, this may be enough to direct your efforts in other areas. Yet, there are time and cost-effective solutions to this problem. Buying white label solutions means buying a platform already built to enable casino games. They are somewhat like a blank canvas that just need the addition of your branding.


There is a lot to consider when beginning any type of business, but an online gaming business certainly brings with it some tall hurdles. Navigate these well to make sure your online gaming business is a success.



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