How to Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

The best action you can take to protect your home from bed bugs is simply being aware of common entry avenues for the pesky parasites. If you’re aware of what to be looking for, you can help prevent bed bugs from gaining access to your home.

Even if you’re doing the little things right like vacuuming and keeping your home decluttered, the best prevention comes in knowing bed bugs can wind up inside based on what you bring into your home. After all, bed bugs are great travellers!


One-Way Tickets For Bed Bugs

When you’re outside of your home, you might not think about bed bug problems too much. However, all it takes is one bed bug making its way onto an item of yours for it to travel back and enter your home.

Bed bugs usually wind up in your home by route of coming in on outside items like clothing, luggage, boxes, and more. Bed bugs are capable of surviving months, and even up to a year, without feeding, which makes their travel plans more alarming.


Combatting Their Travel Plans

The biggest things you can do is to keep bed bugs top of mind in trying to inspect items before bringing them home. Anywhere in the outside environment where bed bugs may be, you want to have your guard up in looking for any signs of bed bug activity.


Bed Bugs and Hotels: The Saga Continues

While travelling, the biggest place to be mindful of bed bugs it would be your hotel. Hotels are notorious for bed bug issues, so keeping a watchful eye can prevent any bed bugs from booking their trip back to your home.

The obvious place in the hotel room would be your bed and mattress area. This is a great starting point in ensuring your own peace of mind. However, places like the luggage rack should also be looked at in knowing they can move around when looking for new travel plans.

You can even help yourself out by using strategies like using hard luggage instead of cloth luggage. Jordan Larson from Custom Bed Bug says that since bed bugs can be found even in sanitary hotels, investing in hard luggage will help you avoid bringing bed bugs home with you. This may seem simple, but strategies like this help to ensure you’re taking full preventative actions in the event bed bugs are present within your hotel.


Other Common Culprit Items

Furniture is another big item to be mindful of when bringing pieces into your home. Things like mattresses and couches can help bed bugs travel undetected. When checking items prior to allowing them in your home, you’ll want to be especially diligent when checking anything you’re picking up second hand. Shopping for used furniture can be cheaper – but only when no bed bugs are present!

The same goes if you’re using shared laundry services or buying outside clothing items. You want to make sure there aren’t any hitchhikers present that could come back to your home as uninvited guests. These common breeding grounds might not be places you generally associate with bed bugs, but having an understanding that the bugs could be present on items like clothes can make all the difference.


Overall, protecting your home from bed bugs starts with being aware of common avenues they can travel while using. If you do your due diligence and use preventative strategies like having hard luggage, you will be doing yourself a great service in avoiding bed bugs from ever gaining entry to your home.




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