How to Properly Get into Cannabis Edibles

Maybe you’re a bit tired of smoking and don’t want to poison your lungs anymore, or maybe you want to start taking cannabis but don’t like the idea of smoking—well, either way, it’s time to grab some edibles. Edibles come in many different forms, and knowing how to ease into the use of this type of cannabis can be confusing and scary for many. Here’s how to properly get into edibles and have a wonderful first experience: 

(please consult with a medical professional before any usage)


Be patient

The main thing to know when switching from flower to edibles is the time it takes for the “high” to creep in. With smoking, you can start feeling the effects after a few minutes, but with edible, it usually takes at least 30 minutes for the edible to kick in. If you don’t feel anything after an hour, don’t rush and eat more. Wait at least two hours before upping your dosage. Those who lack patience can eat more than they can take and get too high. But if you just take your time and monitor your condition, your first experience should be just fine. 


Know your tolerance

Most cannabis smokers have a pretty good cannabis tolerance, so you can opt for a higher dosage. But remember that the effects of cannabis differ from person to person, and sometimes, even the recommended dose can be too much for people with a low tolerance. If you’re new to cannabis, test your tolerance by taking just a tiny dose (for instance, half a serving of a 5mg edible). Next time, you will know how your body reacts and you will be able to adjust your dosage accordingly. 


Read the packaging

Most edibles come in packages with nutrition labels—read those to find out how many milligrams of THC or CBD you can expect in each serving. For the first time, you can experiment with different kinds and even get your free gummy edibles to get the taste of the product. In most cases, your gummy will contain 10mg of THC per serving. Make sure to read the label and also do your own research into how your body reacts to a certain edible type and dose. They also come in different flavors, some more suitable for your taste and some less. 


Eat something beforehand

Taking edibles on an empty stomach is not a good idea. A light meal before you take your edible will allow a more gradual release and a more consistent high. If you want to speed up the absorption of cannabis, try eating something fatty. Also, eating before you partake in cannabis activities can minimize the munchies after! 


Be comfortable

Where you are and how you feel has a strong effect on how your edible cannabis experience will go. It’s always best to be in a familiar place for your first time and surround yourself with positive people. Taking edibles before or during a party sounds like a great idea, but not for your first time. If you don’t have any experience with edibles, accompany your first time with some nice food, good music, fun conversation and other things to keep overstimulation at bay. 


Don’t drink with edibles

Alcohol and edibles don’t mix. Firstly, you won’t be able to feel the difference between being high or drunk. Secondly, alcohol might increase the levels of THC in your blood. You don’t want either one of those. 


Know what to do if you take too much

If you take things slow and monitor your effects, you will be fine, but in case you do take too much, don’t panic. Keep in mind that no one ever died from an overdose with cannabis since it became legal (and before that as well), so you’re perfectly safe. Just stay calm, breathe slowly and drink plenty of water. You can take a few drops of CBD tincture to lessen the intensity of THC. It will all eventually pass, just rest, relax and have a buddy to keep you company. 

If you follow all of these steps, your first experience with edibles won’t be the last. You’ll enter a whole new world of cannabis experiences that can benefit you in many different ways. 


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