How To Prevent Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Are you looking for ways to handle racial discrimination at your workplace to keep your employees motivated and productive? Everyone has been a victim of racist jokes or a discriminating comment thrown at them some time while at work. I understand it is seriously irksome. While profound attempts at racial discrimination can result in filing charges against the accused, it is wise to thwart that risk by implementing the following practices at work for a more peaceful environment.



Encourage Diversity At The Workplace

It is important that you promote diversity as an employer so that your staff gets a happier, healthier and stress-free environment to work in. Make sure you have ethnic and racial diversity with a blend of professionals from different backgrounds who can interact and work together to generate brilliant results. A diverse culture breeds tolerance, regard and appreciation for each other, and the professional expertise, education and set of abilities each employee bring to the table. A culture where all employees have equal mana for appreciation & representation will also help you serve your clients better.



Generate Awareness amongst Your Staff

Educate your employees regarding the implications of racist comments, jokes, and pranks including the legal penalties involved. Help them learn about avoiding such practices by giving them regular training delivered by experts teaching them about racial discrimination and its dynamics. Use inclusion, respect, and tolerance as part of organizational values and impart these to your staff, so they are well equipped with mitigation and avoidance. Also, let them know about the actions they can take against a racist attempt. Furthermore, motivate them to openly discuss such situations with their supervisor or top management to help promote an anti-discriminatory culture at work.



Review Your Racial Discrimination Policy

Draft your corporate’s racial discrimination policy through a legal expert by carefully highlighting all clauses reflecting penalties and your firm’s stance on the matter. All you need here is a reputable specialized lawyer. Review this anti-discrimination policy with your attorney and make required adjustments that fit in with your organizational values. The policy should provide a lucid understanding of the behavioural code of conduct, professional ethics, standards, and results of any violations or deviations. Make sure your staff has read the policy and is aware of the inherent terms & regulations for a more productive organizational experience.



Communicate & Build Your Team

A great way to infuse respect and tolerance for each other’s behaviour and a differing set of skills in a diverse workforce is to have them collaborate and interact more often. The more group tasks they work on or projects they manage together, the higher are their chances of developing a healthy work rapport. In addition, conduct regular meet-ups with the teams and your ethnically diverse workforce. It does not matter if they are located at a single location or are geographically dispersed. These meetings serve as an interaction hub for employees to get to know each other better and learn from the peer’s professional prowess.


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