How To Pair The Perfect Dish Based On Your Décor Style

When served a wonderful dinner in an amazing space, it makes the perfect combination to pave the way for a truly special evening.

So when we heard that our friends Rebecca and Eyal were collaborating with a new home inspired festival HomeFest, we had to learn more.

For those of you that don’t know, Chef & Somm (aka Rebecca and Eyal) are a super duo sommelier and chef that create and produce truly amazing dining experiences, in which they pair the best food and wine to bring a complete experience that truly is second to none.

This November, in collaboration with Chef & Somm, Toronto’s only bespoke private chef and sommelier service, has put together 2018’s most common décor styles with their perfect dish and wine pairing to represent how the design of your home can influence your palate and vice versa.

Urban Modern & Deconstructed Black Forest Cake



Urban modern is a combination of minimalist modern, glamorous chic and edgy experimental designs all colliding in a distinctively 21st-century setting. A smart use of small spaces, the approach is both modern and artistic. A beautiful classic with a modern twist, deconstructed black forest cake is the perfect pairing. As for the wine, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Leone Rosso Orcia, Italy 2015 is the way to go. Made using traditional Italian grapes, the winemaker herself is a woman – a very modern concept as the practice of making wine by a woman was highly unaccepted until more modern times. Both the fruitiness of the Merlot and the low tannins of the wine make it a great pairing with black forest cake.


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Shabby Chic & Chocolate and Pistachio Dessert


Pistachio and mascarpone cream, milk chocolate whipped ganache and sable – this dish along with the shabby chic design both feature a very soft, pastel colour palette with an elegant chic finished look. Similar to how there are many different things going on with shabby chic, there is an abundance of flavours running through your palate, both come together beautifully in a concise and cohesive union. Pair with Château Doisy-Védrines 2004, Sauternes, France. The label designed for Sauternes wines usually has quite a vintage and “shabby chic” feel in style. It is a classic, sweet wine that, just like in the shabby chic aesthetic shows the wear and tear of time, this wine will only get better with age.


Rustic / Farmhouse & Seasonal Vegetables Stuffed with Lamb

The rustic/farm aesthetic is fundamental and rooted in nature, so naturally, the perfect dish is all about everything fresh from the farm. A mixture of seasonal greens and vegetables stuffed with ground lamb, and the untouched carrots with its leaves still on reflects the untouched rustic edge of farm to table. A wine as natural as a wine can be, pair with Leaning Post, The Natural, Unfiltered Gamay Noir, Ontario 2016. Rustic in the winemaking techniques, yet refined in flavour.



Scandinavian & Buttermilk Sorbet with Fruits

A simple, fresh, minimalistic feeling, both buttermilk sorbet with fruits and the Scandinavian décor style feature simple colours of grey and white tones with slight pops of accented colours, very muted and modern tones. Pair with Moulin Touchais 1997, Loire Valley, France. A sweet wine with mango and guava flavours. This wine has a very simple, humble, clean and minimalist approach in its label, design and flavour.



Industrial & Falafel, Hummus and Tabbouleh

A rustic and mature style with a modern flare both reflected in industrial décor and Chef Liebman’s dish. Falafel and hummus were foods of the working class in the Mediterranean, with the dark colour of falafel reminiscent of the exposed brick typically seen in industrial décor. Pair with Back 10 cellar Chardonnay, Beamsville, Ontario, 2015. Chardonnay is the most widespread and the most common grape variety in the world. working beautifully with the oiliness of the falafel and the spices of the tabbouleh.



Excited for HomeFest with Chef & Somm? That makes two of us! For full details and ticket info visit their website.




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