How to keep your nails looking nice no matter how busy you are

As a busy gal on the go, keeping my nails looking nice can be a challenge.  I LOVE getting my nails done, whether it’s a simple manicure and pedicure, or rockin’ an elaborate nail design.  But spending 1-3 hours with my hands occupied isn’t always feasible.  I’ve looking for solutions to keep my nails looking nice without a) breaking the bank and b) spending hours at a salon.  Here are some tips to help put our best hands forward when we go out into the world.

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Take care of your nails from the inside out

Great nails grow from healthy bodies, so start by taking care of yourself.  Eat right, sleep well, moisturize, do all the things you do to care for your body and your nails will reward you by being stronger, growing longer and faster and looking better.  If you’re like me and your nails are weak and brittle no matter what you do, look into supplements that help with hair, nails and skin.  I love Viviscal because it not only helps my hair grow stronger and faster, but my nails as well.  In fact, when I first started taking the Kardashian approved pills, I noticed a difference in my nails first so I knew it was working.


Use quality nail tools to care for your nails pre-polish

Caring for your nails at home is key even if you do get regular pro nail care. And for that, you need the right tools.  Nail clippers, cuticle sticks and trimmers, to files and buffing blocks; these are things you need in your nail kit.  I like Trim products for my home manicure needs.  Their head to toe kit starts you off with everything you need, and their full line of products can help you fill in any gaps in your nail arsenal.  I especially love their brightly colored buffing block.  Each side gives you just enough grit to buff to make your bare nails look better than ever.

Press on nails – they’re back and better than ever

If you’re in need of a super easy but fantastic looking set of nails, and you’re short on time, get yourself a few sets of press-on nails for those days when you don’t even have time for your polish to dry.  They’re also a great way to rock a cool design without breaking the bank at a salon, or attempting some DIY nail art.  Check out these awesome ready to wear from Sensationail.

Invest in Gel nail products for longer lasting and quick drying home manicures

Ever since the “shellac” trend took the nail world by storm everyone has become gel polish obsessed, including me.  Between the high shine, long lasting polish look and the ability to pull my wallet out to pay for my mani without ruining, I was hooked from the beginning.   And now, there are so many options out there to get that shellac look without ever leaving the house.  I picked up the Sensationail starter kit, and it had everything I needed for a quick and easy gel manicure that I could do at my kitchen counter, including a drying lamp and super cute nail polish color to start.  I really love the Express Gel Polish because unlike traditional gel, it doesn’t get that weird sticky residue on it after it dries (why does that happen anyway?) and you don’t need a base or top coat, which is great especially if you’re in a rush.  If you do have more time and want to try something new and trendy, Sensationail also makes chrome powders that you apply over gel polish to get that perfect metallic look without leaving the house.


Use a gel topcoat to help your regular polish mani/pedi last longer

A while back I discovered a gamechanging product; Sensationail’s Polish to Gel topcoat.  It pretty much does what the name says; it takes your regular nail polish and gives it nearly the same shine and life as gel polish.  It’s a great way to give your already accumulated nail polish collection new life, and to get your regular polish manicures lasting longer.  My new favorite thing is getting a salon mani-pedi and going home and applying the topcoat to get that shine and additional protection for what I just paid for.  Pro-tip: make sure your polish is COMPLETELY dry before applying the gel to polish topcoat, or else it will pucker underneath the gel.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly