How To Host the Best Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are relaxing and enticing to people of all ages. Perhaps you recently attended one that knocked your socks off, and now you feel it is your time to shine. If you want to impress your guests and learn a few new things about hosting, consider the following party planning suggestions.


Choose an Inspiring Theme

While you don’t ever need an excuse to host a dinner party, a fun theme may inspire your guests to show up with enthusiasm. It also gives you some guidelines for curating your space accordingly.

Period parties can set exciting parameters around attire, food, decor, and even etiquette. Experiment with ancient history, the more recent past (wistful nostalgia, anyone?), and the distant future! The possibilities are endless.

Seasonal themes are relatively easy to develop as well. Even if your party doesn’t fall on a holiday, you can turn to the natural environment for inspiration. In the spring and summer, you might challenge your friends to dress as their favourite flower, while autumn is perfect for a bountiful, earth-toned harvest celebration.


Develop an Intriguing Menu

Unless you’re throwing a potluck, you’ll want to come up with some attractive food and drink options for your eager guests.

The appetisers, entreés, and desserts should be somewhat related to each other, yet surprising enough to capture your friends’ attention. Any mixed drink you plan to serve needs to pair well with the flavours of the dish it accompanies. For example, if you are whipping up a savoury-sweet pumpkin curry as the main event, you might want to investigate how to make a Moscow Mule to go with it.

Printing your menu on thick stationery is certainly not required, but it could be the perfect piece of memorabilia to send home with your guests.


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Create an Ambient Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your abode is potentially the most important feature of a delightful dinner party. The food, beverages, and conversations will come and go, but the ambience is all-encompassing.

Ensure that you have ample seating for your guests, both at the dining table and in idle areas like the living room or the patio. Warm lighting is inviting and calming; it prepares your friends for a worry-free evening in your humble abode. Soft instrumental music in the background can be very pleasing as well––think jazz or classical, not anything too loud or wordy.

Less is more when it comes to decor. Accenting your home with a few minor pieces is enough. Large happy plants are reliably appealing to most people.

In general, you’ll want to establish an atmosphere in which your guests can freely converse while you work your magic in the kitchen.


Provide an Entertaining Surprise

Now that you have graciously brought everyone together, why not strengthen the community bond with some entertainment? After your guests have finished digesting your incredible culinary creations, offer them a fun activity to end the night.

This aspect of the party will vary depending on your friends’ theme, energy levels, and the amount of space available. Laid-back entertainment ideas include card games, charades, and movie screenings. More elaborate diversions could entail a scavenger hunt or a competitive drinking game. If you genuinely want to dazzle the crowd, bring in a local band to play a short set for everyone.


Believe it or not, you are fully capable of hosting a fabulous dinner party that is cheerful, wholesome, and generous. Ultimately, the goal is to gather with your loved ones and share the simple pleasures. Put your loving attention into it, and you will surely deliver a night to remember!


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