How To Get Your Car Sale-Ready

There comes a time when we all yearn for a new set of wheels. It might be because we have seen another car on the market that sets our pulses racing, or it might be that, for practicality sake, a new car is a necessity.

During this time, our attention inevitably shifts to the car already parked on our driveways. To make room for something new, we need to sell it, be it privately or through a trade-in at the local dealership. And to ensure we get as much as possible, we need to take the necessary steps to get it sale-ready.

Here are some tips to help you do just that. 


#1: Give your car a shine


No buyer is going to be interested in your car (unless you’re selling it at a dirt-cheap price) if it is filthy and grimy. A good clean is necessary, and this should include a thorough vacuum, a good wash, and even a spot of waxing. It’s important to take a look under the hood too. If there are any debris and grime around the engine bay, it’s a good idea to wipe this away. While you can buy the necessary cleaning equipment at your local car store, you might also pay to get your car professionally detailed to really give your car that showroom shine. Still, whether you DIY it or pay for a valet, your car will look a lot more presentable after the cleaning work is done.


#2: Get on top of any repairs


If you’re selling your car ‘as is,’ you don’t necessarily need to make every repair your vehicle needs, especially if they are going to cost you more than the car is worth. However, you still need to think of the buyer’s safety, so either disclose to them the repairs that are necessary or get on top of them before selling to increase your chances of a fast sale. You might want to consider taking your car to a body shop too, especially if there are any dings and scratches on your car’s exterior. Again, this is about making your car look presentable, and will ensure your car is more attractive to any would-be buyers. 


#3: Purchase a few small upgrades


You don’t need to pay a fortune on upgrades – it wouldn’t make financial sense – but it’s still worth making a few small purchases. So, you might replace the car mats if they are worn and beset with built-in grime, and you might consider the same for your steering wheel and seat covers. You might want to throw in an air freshener too, not only as a gift to the buyer but to ensure your car smells a lot nicer when the buyer takes a peek inside the interior.


#4: Get your paperwork ready


Not only is it legality to have some of your paperwork ready (especially when it comes to your registration documents), but it’s also a way to give the buyer peace of mind when contemplating your car. So, you should have a vehicle history report to hand, information about any repairs, and any records of adaptations you have made to your car. It’s a good idea to have your VIN number to hand too, as this will evidence the legality of your car to the buyer. You can usually find this on the driver’s side of the dashboard, although you can check your VIN online too.


After following these steps, your car will be sales-ready. Hopefully, a quick sale will then take place, and you will have all the room you need for your brand new motor!

Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!