How to Get Active When You’re On the Go

Dream of the days when you can hit the beach without worrying about hiding those wobbly bits? Wish you were one of those guys or gals who seemed to effortlessly sweat their way through a fitness class?

Don’t we all.

But when it comes to juggling work, life, family, friends and everything in between, there’s simply no time for exercise – right?


There are some simple ways you can get active while you’re on the go – here’s how:


  1. Invest in a Fitness Tracker

One of the most motivating things for exercising is having a challenge set in place and trying to beat it every day.

Thankfully, there are a lot of fitness gadgets available that will track your every move. Often worn on your wrist or linked up to your phone, these trackers will soon have you thinking, “I’ll just walk down to school to pick the kids up to get some extra steps in,” or, “If I run with the dog I’ll burn more calories.”

These devices are great for giving you an incentive – and you can even link them up to others so you can have a friendly competition with family and friends.


  1. Buy a Bike

How much time do you spend sitting on a bus travelling to work, driving to school to pick the kids up or running into town to do some errands?

Our guess is, it’s quite a lot.

So imagine if you spent some (or all) of this time peddling along on a bike. Just think how many extra calories you could burn! While the trip may take a little longer, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved so much more with your day – and on busy days, biking might be quicker than other modes of transport.

What’s more, with cool, commuter-friendly designs (aka bikes that fold away!), like those from companies like Brompton, you needn’t worry about the practicalities of biking to and from work.


  1. Play with the Kids

If one of the reasons why your exercise routine has taken a nosedive recently is because you’ve got kids – why not turn entertaining them into a new regimen?

From playing soccer to even doing your own family-friendly exercise class, there are so many ways you can incorporate looking after the kids into keeping fit. You could even dance the night away to burn some extra calories!

And the best bit? Not only are you getting fit in the process but you’re encouraging your kids to be active, too, and that’s incredibly important, especially with an increasing number of children suffering with their weight and obesity (as many as 1 in 3 kids in America today!).


Ultimately, keeping fit needs to be something that “fits” into your lifestyle and is fun for you to do. All it takes is some clever planning and you’ll soon be well on your way to that beach body you’ve been dreaming of!

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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