How to Choose Your First Adult Toy

In this article, we’ll discuss the steps as necessities you’ll need to think on when choosing your first adult toy, and we’ll make it as easy as possible for you so that you can have a great, hopefully, mind-blowing and super sexy experience for your first time.

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What Women Want…

Most women want to climax, and some women want this experience to last so that the journey is part of the destination, which really is a great metaphor in terms of self-pleasure. And there are loads of choices too, like the small dildo, vibrators, massagers, wands, Geisha balls, sex machines, among many others. In reality, it’s paramount to know what type of pleasure you’re after. 

Is it all about the pleasure before you get to that final big O moment, or is it mostly about getting to the point quickly and directly? Well, for many women, this is a question that might be varied. And female orgasms can be had in a variety of ways.


Step 1: The Look of the Toy

Here, the look is synonymous with how we feel before we use it. Does it exude an appeal that makes us feel sexy? And if not, why not? Men are more prone to needing visual stimulation than women are, but if it’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen then it might not help you get turned on in the first instance, and this is kinda important because it can make or break the journey to the end goal we’re trying to achieve.


Step 2: The Feel of the Toy

In reality, toys that are used for climax or as tools during climax are (many times) placed inside or on the body. And so the feel of the product will be more imperative than many other factors, and this includes how it makes your skin feel when it touches you and pleasures you within the scope of its intended functionality. Is it too rough or too soft? Does it feel sensual or is it too firm or not firm enough? Consider these factors as priorities.



Step 3: The Behavior of the Toy

What does it do? Does it vibrate or does it work manually? And what preference do you have with regard to this? Sometimes being stimulated can require more or less effort depending upon the toy itself. And this is really something to think about before purchasing the first toy.


Step 4: The Price of the Toy

For some, budget is everything, and for others, they don’t really mind paying more if it means the quality is better. Some manufacturers are highly competitive in price and quality, but you’ll always (for safety especially) want higher and better quality brands over unsuitable ones. Many of these products are internally used, and so you really do get what you pay for.



Step 5: The Features of the Toy

The features of the toy might include: whether or not it has a vibratory function, the material used in its creation, if it uses cords or is battery operated, any speed or function settings, its colour, its size, and any other factors related to its look, feel and functionality on the whole. So keep all of this in the back of your mind when you’re searching for that first-time toy. Sometimes keeping it simple is fine too, as too many ‘bells and whistles’ might impede the enjoyment or complicate the experience overall.


Step 6: The Durability of the Toy

Is it designed by a great manufacturer who cares about the product’s longevity over time? If inferior materials are used, then the toy might not last for a very long while, which can be disheartening when you’ve paid good money for something that breaks or tears easily (as an example). Also, a toy that isn’t durable can allow bacteria into its openings and then the health of the user can be compromised imperatively so. So here, we recommend that you choose a toy which has a great brand, incorporates a body-safe material, and also take a look at the product’s popularity too.



Step 7: The Cleaning Regime for the Toy

Is the toy easy to clean, or does it need a specific toy cleaner or storage method to be maintained? And if it does need special attention, is this something you’re willing to do? Maybe you need a toy that’s more suited to your timeframes and ease of use. There are many that only require warm water and mild soap to clean, in fact. This is the easiest method and is very effective, but not all toys are made equal in the cleaning department, so it’s definitely something to consider when buying your first toy, that’s for sure.


At the end of the day…

At the end of the day, what you choose will be touching and perhaps going inside of the body. Manual toys are just as good as vibrating ones, but it really does depend on preference and the factors you like with regard to your pleasure ideal. You might even do some research on the types of toys you might be interested in and then make a quality choice after that. A great brand and quality material/s are usually main players as well as the features a particular product has. Good luck in your search, and if worse comes to worst, you might like to buy more than one for your own raunchy comparison in the privacy of your own home. Sounds fun, right? We think so!


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