How to Choose a Money Clip

Though unpretentious, a money clip is a thoughtful gift to a loved one or yourself. They’re not only slim and elegant but also convenient and timeless. However, the vast collection of stylish accessories at jewellery stores can confuse a shopper during gift buying. So, knowing what meets the needs of the recipient can be very helpful.

What then should you consider when choosing men’s money clip wallets? (not just for men). Here are some tips to help:


Choosing the Material

The type of material you choose determines the money clip’s durability, style, and price. Some are from metals such as gold, steel, and silver, while others are from materials like leather. Deciding on a specific material helps eliminate other options. If you settle on metals, consider their purity, colour, length, and width. For example, 24k gold is 100% pure, while 14k gold is 58% pure. Jewellers often mix gold with other metals to improve its sturdiness. Since pure gold is soft, maybe choose a 14k money clip or one that is gold plated. This way, you get a timeless product with an aesthetic appeal.

Note that not all clip wallets with gold or silver-tone originate from these metals. Therefore, view the jewellery specification and attributes before making your purchase.


Getting the Right Color

Metals provide a spectrum of colour selections that complement the overall look of money clips. In the past, yellow, white gold, black, and brown were common choices for men. However, colour preferences vary by people, and nowadays, each to their own.

Understanding the preferences of your spouse is fundamental. Ask yourself, what is their favourite colour? Remember that colour sets the mood and attitude of the occasion. So, match it to whatever you are celebrating. Is it a birthday present or a valentine’s day gift? Then what is the appropriate colour?


Decide on the Best Design

The clip you select must be able to keep the cards and money of its user safe. So consider the lifestyle of the recipient. If the person receiving the gift leads an active life, the clip must be able to hold their bills firmly. The best clips have a double retention spring action. While most clips made from metals have this feature, some leather clip wallets do not. However, the best design goes beyond ensuring a secure hold.

The wallet must be slim, durable, and sleek. The compact design is a solution to the bulky wallet that often weighs the back pockets down. A person can now place a slim money clip wallet in their side pockets where it is safe without worrying about its weight. If it is a gift, let the design highlight its aesthetic value.


Decide on Budget

While the budget is a significant element, it should not limit your taste and style. Men’s money clips aren’t too expensive; customers can get one for as low as $40. However, jewellery stores like Icecarats offer discounts on fancy clips like those made of gold.


Above all, the money clip that you choose should complement the recipients look. Consider other jewellery or accessories that that person owns, such as a belt or watch. If they own gold rings and necklaces, a golden money clip is a great fit. Owning a traditional wallet does not mean one does not need a money clip. They can use these timeless accessories for special occasions or on days that they need some lightweight.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of joy, a little gift with a lot of thought can bring.



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