How To Build Your Confidence

Confidence. We all wish we had more of it but it’s not something that can be magically bottled and sold. It’s an attitude that you have to work really hard to gain, and even harder to maintain. It’s no secret that men struggle with self-esteem just as much as women do and while there are still those who think it’s okay for men to be told to “man up”, attitudes are finally changing and men are now being actively encouraged to freely express their emotions. This shift in attitude is guaranteed to improve men’s mental health and in turn, increase their confidence.

Already comfortable discussing how you feel? Here are some other things that may help you to improve your confidence.



Disliking something about your appearance is one of the biggest causes of lack of confidence in men. We can’t help but compare ourselves to the other people. Scroll though any social media platform and you will be bombarded with images of perfect people with perfect bodies living perfect lives. While it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour of it it all, it’s important to remember that this is not real life. You don’t need to have rock hard abs or teeth so white people need sunglasses to look in your direction to be happy. That being said, if you really do dislike something about your appearance, looking at ways to positively improve yourself isn’t a bad thing. In these instances it’s the way you go about it that’s important. For example, if you suffer from hair loss there are treatments that are ideal for male pattern baldness. And it goes without saying, always consult your doctor before undergoing any sort of medical procedure. Another important aspect of your appearance is your smile. It can heavily influence your confidence so do consider getting dental treatments. For instance, you can be one step closer to a beautiful smile with Dental Care Team.



Dating is nerve-wracking and most people will admit to getting butterflies before a first date. No matter what your age, gender or how many times you’ve done it before, it can be really intimidating putting yourself out there. The feeling of rejection is something we all have to get used to. Maybe you got picked last for the sports team. Maybe you weren’t invited to that college party everyone went to. Maybe you didn’t get your dream job. Maybe you didn’t get your less than dream job. The sooner you learn that it’s nothing you did wrong, it just ‘is’, then the better you’ll feel. Dating is no different. There may come a time where you see someone and you’re instantly attracted to them; everything about them seems perfect to you and yet they just aren’t that into you. It sucks, and it’ll make you question why you weren’t their type, but don’t start overthinking things.  


As you can see, confidence is more a way of thinking than anything else. It’s a positive mental attitude. A state of mind. And of course, a lot of faking too. But combine all of that with standing tall and proud, and you’ll find that you’re already winning.



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