How to Build a Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Summer is finally here, which means only one thing – it’s about time you started building a summer vacation capsule wardrobe! No matter how complicated it sounds, it’s actually a quite easy task – if you know what you’re doing, of course. However, if you aren’t, don’t worry at all because we’re here to help you out. Here are the most important summer vacation essentials you simply need to own, so check them out and nail this task like a true pro this season!


A cute maxi dress is an absolute must…

Maxi dresses have always been some of the most popular wardrobe staples among ladies of all ages, and especially those who are fans of the unique bohemian style. This is particularly true for gorgeous floral maxi dresses which are beyond perfect for summer vacation, which is why you need to have them in your wardrobe as well. However, if florals aren’t your thing, you can always go for a maxi dress in neutral colours such as black, beige, or navy. These will do the trick, too.


… As well as fabulous swimwear

Needless to say, swimwear is absolutely unavoidable when it comes to summer vacation, so pick it wisely and nail your beach looks like a true fashionista. One-piece swimsuits have gained a lot of popularity recently, as well as bikinis with high-waisted bottoms, so choose your style according to your body type and personal preferences and you won’t make a mistake. As for the colours, black and white are never a bad choice. On the other hand, if you want to add a splash of colour to your beach combos, choose bright shades such as hot pink, fiery orange, emerald green, or deep red. These will add some oomph to your look, without a shadow of a doubt!


A stylish beach bag is all you need for your summer essentials

No beach look can be complete without a stylish beach bag, so check out trendy straw bags that can spice up your summer looks and take them to a whole new level. Of course, such a bag needs to be roomy enough to fit all your summer essentials – sunscreen, sunglasses, book(s), a water bottle, and a beach towel, so get a big one that features a bright print and you won’t make a mistake. Besides that, you should also make sure that your beach bag has shoulder straps so that you can carry it in the evening, too!


Don’t forget comfy footwear

Stylish yet comfy footwear is another summer essential you need to have, especially if you’ll be heading to a destination that includes exploring the city on foot. So, apart from a pair of flip-flops you love to rock by the pool or at the beach, you should also get a comfortable pair such as Birkenstock EVA sandals. Apart from being very sleek and versatile, these are extremely comfortable at the same time, which is the benefit that mustn’t be overlooked.  Their simple yet impeccable design makes them perfect for long walks in the city or by the sea, so give them a try and you won’t regret it!


A sheer blouse + midi-skirt = a match made in heaven

A sheer blouse is another wardrobe staple you should get this summer, and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, such a garment is lightweight, which means that it’ll allow your skin to breathe as it’s very pleasant to wear. Apart from that, it’s an inevitable part of any romantic look – especially when matched with a gorgeous midi-skirt. Denim pencil skirts are a fabulous choice, as well as floral A-line skirts, so try them out this season and you’ll see what we were talking about!


Make sure to find your statement sunglasses

Last but not least, a pair of sunglasses should certainly find its place in your bag, and the first step is finding your signature style. Of course, you can pick it according to your face shape, but you know what? It doesn’t really matter if you have a round face or a square one as long as you love a particular style on you. So, no matter if you love the sexy cat-eye style or quirky frames that feature bright colours and unconventional shapes, just rock them proudly and stay true to yourself this summer!

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As you can see, there are a lot of amazing staples you should own this season in order to build a perfect summer vacation capsule wardrobe. If that’s your ultimate goal, all you need to do is to stick to our tips and guidelines and you’ll make it happen – that’s a promise!


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