How to be an Angel in Los Angeles

Ok, so none of us is really ever going to be perfect, but, it’s always nice to see people and companies that are trying to make a difference.

In today’s culture, there seems to be a lot more thought around mindful travelling. It’s the idea of being present and learning, while also maybe learning about, and or giving back. Now sometimes this can be easier than others, so we thought we’d first give you a hand on how to best navigate Los Angeles as angelically as possible.



So, on your next visit, put your tourism to good use with a visit to a few places that do great things for their community, and you’ll feel like an angel in no time thanks to some heavenly suggestions from our friends over at Discover Los Angeles:

  • Community – Start your angelic tour on the right foot, with the right shoes. Making premium shoes, handcrafted locally to give back locally, Community is a catalyst for change. Every pair of shoes purchased gives $10 to a local community effort to support the arts, education and ending homelessness – whichever you choose to support!
  • Homeboy Industries – Remember that everyone deserves a second chance. Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of the L.A. community. Grab a bite at Homegirl Café, or a delicious artisanal bread from the Homeboy Bakery, and bite into something good.
  • Hotel Erwin – A stay at Hotel Erwin isn’t just an excuse to stay beach-side at one of the coolest hotels in Venice Beach. It’s also a way to provide the community with some love through their Erwin Gives Back program, where your hotel fees will go to support core causes like the arts, family clinics and education, community housing and more.
  • Dazey LA – Female empowerment never looked so good. Started in 2016 by the young designer, photographer and feminist Danielle Nagel, Dazey LA is on a mission to inspire, encourage and support female entrepreneurs. Offering apparel and accessories locally made with sustainable materials, everything is designed and produced in line with the “Slow Fashion” movement.
  • Providence – Taste the good life with a bite of uncompromising respect for the environment. Providence is a pioneer in the restaurant industry with a zero-waste cocktail program and an exquisitely talented chef championing a sustainable, dock-to-dish seafood program that rethinks the way restaurants approach the seafood they serve.
  • The Gentle Barn – Take a day trip to greener pastures. Just outside of L.A. is The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary for animals rescued from severe abuse and neglect. A major advocate for animal rights, the barn welcomes guests to donate to their rescue efforts and hug a cow, cuddle a turkey or give a pig a tummy rub so they can feel for themselves the special connection between humans and nature.



If all else fails and you still don’t feel like an angel after a heartwarming trip, you can at least look like one by taking a snap in front of Colette Miller’s stunning Angel Wings mural at L.A.’s Angel City Brewery for a heavenly Instagram photo.


Ready for your next visit to LA? We thought so!



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