How to Be a Cool Mom in 2020

Yes, we know that the majority of moms strive to be perceived as the coolest moms ever, but guess what? A large number of them find it very hard to be a good role model who is still seen as cool at the same time. However, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably think. All you have to do is to keep on reading and check out our four tips on how to be a cool mom in 2020. Enjoy!


Get yourself together in the first place

Being a cool mom is much more than trying to look cool at all costs – instead, your primary motivation should be your children’s well-being. In other words, being a cool mom is about parenting your child in the best possible way, and not about your reputation. In order to do that, you need to get yourself together in the first place, which means that you should be a good role model for your children. Your kids will always look up to you, which means that you need to make good choices no matter how exhausted you are. For example, healthy homemade meals should be your first choice because you want your kids to eat healthy, right? Yes, fast foods and takeaway meals are the easiest solution but try to skip them and put your kids’ well-being in front of anything else. That’s the best way to start being a cool mom!


Upgrade your personal style in 2020

Even though it isn’t just the clothes that make a cool mom cool, we must say that upgrading your personal style is definitely what you should do next year! Many moms claim that being stylish isn’t at the top of their priority list – especially when the kids are small, but you know what? Looking fashionable doesn’t have to mean that the clothes you’ll wear have to be uncomfortable. On the contrary, there are so many comfortable style tips you should know about, and these can surely transform even the most ordinary outfit into a stylish yet comfy one. For example, investing in no-effort garments that include wardrobe essentials such as feminine maxi dresses, cool printed T-shirts, and jeans that perfectly fit your body shape is an absolute must. These will allow you to come up with awesome clothing combos in just a few minutes, so embrace them and you’ll see what we were talking about!


Connect with other moms and seek advice online

We can freely say that being a cool mom is also about sharing your experiences with other moms, as well as about looking for help whenever you need it. The fact is that every mom needs a helping hand every once in a while, and there should be no shame about that whatsoever. Even though some women think that asking for help is an act of weakness, we must say that it’s completely opposite to that. Asking for help and seeking advice, either online or in real life, means that you’re strong enough to understand that no woman needs to be alone during the hard times. Once you figure that out, make sure to check out new mom apps that allow you to get in touch with fellow moms and share your story with them. Besides that, some of those apps can also match you with moms who live close to you and have kids of similar ages, so that you can easily meet them and share your experiences IRL, which is a benefit that mustn’t be overlooked!


Fulfil your kids’ wishes, but to a certain extent

Even though the majority of kids will say that cool parents are those moms and dads who fulfil all their wishes, we mush disagree with it and say that fulfilling your children’s wishes only to a certain extent is what you should go for. For example, kids’ subscription boxes are one of the biggest trends right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should pay for every single box that comes out. Instead, teach your kids to appreciate what they have instead of being miserable for what they don’t have. On the other hand, when it comes to watching cartoons and playing online games, you should be very careful with them. First of all, these should be appropriate for their age, which is extremely important as they have age ratings for a good reason. Before allowing your kids to play a specific game, you should probably test the game yourself and see what it’s all about. As for the cartoons, we must bring up the topic of political cartoons that are said to empower children to have an opinion and encourage them to communicate with other kids. Just give them a try and you’ll see that your kids will perceive you as the coolest mom ever!

As you can see, being a cool mom doesn’t have to be an impossible mission. On the contrary, you can easily become a cool mom if you decide to stick to our tips and guidelines, so do that and you’ll see an instant improvement. That’s a promise!

Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff