How to Achieve a Glowy Summer Look

Being a Canadian girl I have come to accept the fact that when the seasons change so will my make-up routine. These past few months I have attained my ideal summer (into fall) look by focusing on two things: hydration and glow!

Hydration is crucial for any look, regardless of the season! As we all know, in order to stay hydrated you have to drink lots of water. Most of us should be drinking 6-8, 8oz glasses of water a day. Again, regardless of the season, I make sure my skin is always well cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. For the summer, if you are spending any time in the sun you should always be sure to apply sunscreen with an spf of 15 or an spf of 30 (for those with very fair skin, or any type of skin condition). Remember to let your sunscreen absorb for 30 minutes before going into the sun!

I prefer a more natural summer look, which means I tend to wear less make-up. For example: concealer instead of full coverage foundation, and waterproof mascara instead of a full eye of makeup.

However, I still want to look glam by the pool. And for me glam means glow!

Three of Caryl Baker Visage’s products which were crucial in achieving my desired glowy look include: Radiant Glow Drops, Mineral Duo Bronzer, and Powder Highlighter.

When I think of glow I think of three things: dewy skin, sunkissed skin, and a killer highlight.

To get my skin looking dewy and radiant I use Caryl Baker’s Radiant Glow Drops as a primer, before applying any type of concealer or foundation. I absolutely love this primer because as soon as I rub it into my skin, my face immediately looks more healthy and hydrated.

As I said, I really don’t like a full face of make-up for summer which is why this primer is perfect for me! It makes my skin look and feel so good that a full coverage foundation is completely unnecessary!

After I apply a light, long wear concealer to the necessary areas before I move on to my second glow: sunkissed skin.

As freelance makeup artist and part time receptionist I find myself indoors quite a bit, but like most I still like to look as though I got a healthy amount of sun, which is where Caryl Baker’s Mineral Duo Bronzer comes in!

Both of the shades are highly pigmented so I recommend being very light handed with the brush! The shades are absolutely beautiful, however, as they do have a little bit of shine to them they cannot be used as a contour.

NOTE: a major misconception is that bronzer and contour are the same and can be used to sculpt out the face the same way: they cannot! When you sculpt out the face you want to make sure your product is a matte finish as you are creating the illusion of shadows on your face to create depth. If you use a product with a shimmery finish such as the Mineral Duo Bronzer you will be bringing light to the places you want shadows.

Instead the purpose of this bronzer is to bring light to your face using just a hint of colour, which is why you should use the bronzer lightly along your hairline to create the illusion that you’ve been sun kissed. You can also bring the bronzer down from your hairline and use it on the highs of your cheek bones to appear as though you got some sun.

Lastly, I move onto glow number three: killer highlight!

Highlight is the opposite of contour, you are trying to bring light and shine to your face to make certain aspects pop. For example if you sculpt out your cheek bones using the “fishy” face, by moving product down your cheek bones diagonally and creating the illusion that you have sharp edges then you will want to make your actual cheekbone pop!

You can make your cheek bone pop by using the Powder Highlight in shade “Prosecco.” I absolutely love this shade because it is so beautiful and natural. It isn’t as blinding as some highlighters but for a day by the pool or lounging on the beach it is exactly what I want. It makes me look fresh, light, and gives my skin a healthy looking highlight.

When applying highlighter I use a simple trick. I place my finger on the outer corner of my eye. I use this point to mark where my highlight should end on my cheek bones.

NOTE highlighter should not be put right on the apples of your cheeks.

So using my highlight I go from my mark and drag the product back up my cheek to my “sideburn.” I also dust just a tiny bit of product on my nose.

I apply some lip gloss and finish off this look with some setting spray before heading out into the summer sun!

Check out the look below, and share your summer looks with us before it’s over for the year! @weraddicted @werddictedmag @cbvisage @x_masterpiiece_x

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