How should you serve wine?

Serving wine is an art that has been appreciated by people accross the world. However, it is an art that has not been mastered by many.

If you want to learn the art of serving wine, you should know the basics first, and we’re here to help! Take a read below:

  1. Proper glassware: If you do not have a proper glass in your hand, even the costliest wine will look cheap and tasteless. On the other hand, if you have a proper glass, you can make any wine taste better. So, the first rule is to have a proper glass.

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  1. Wine should be served cool: Not too cold, slightly cool so that the person having it enjoys the taste.
  2. Opening a bottle of wine: If you have never done it, it will be obvious if you try to open it because your facial expressions and your trembling hands will force others to know the fact. If you have a waiter friend, you can ask him or to help you with this task because if you cannot open a bottle of wine perfectly, you will not be in a position to create the right impact. So, learn how should you cut the foil, where should you poke the cork, how can you keep the cork from breaking, and so on.
  3. Wine Decanter: If you want to improve the flavor of red wine, it is important to pour red wine into a wine decanter and leave it for about 30-45 minutes. Decanting wine is important because it helps in reducing the sometimes unpleasant taste that can be found in affordable red wine. So, if you have purchased an affordable wine, you should make it a point to opt for decanting.
  4. Pouring it: Yet again, pouring wine is an important process because the wine bottle usually contains around 25 ounces, and so you can serve the entire bottle to a group of five people approximately. So, pouring the right quantity is important. At a private party or with friends at home, your judgment should be good because you have paid for the bottle of wine, and you don’t want your guests to be too judgmental about your act; anything less will not be satisfactory and anything more would mean that you will have to open another bottle for that extra person. So, be careful.
  5. Holding the wine glass: Get the royal feel instantly by holding a wine glass properly. Don’t cup the bowl because your hands will make wine in the glass to heat up. So, it is better to hold the glass by the stem. Holding a wine glass in the social circle will help you get a +1. So, perfect the art of holding a wine glass, which shouldn’t be really difficult.


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