How Proper Furnace Maintenance can Save you Money

If you are looking to save money during cold winter months it is crucial that you keep up on your gas furnace maintenance. You may hear that these furnaces are huge contributors to high energy bills but you can rest assured that whoever you hear that from is ill-informed. Their money struggles lie either with poor furnace maintenance or they are simply using an outdated furnace.


Lucky for you, we have some tips and advice on proper furnace maintenance and how it can save you money and help get your finances in order.



Furnace Efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy did a study that suggests furnaces do not decline in efficiency as they age.  In fact, regular tune-ups can correct energy efficiency by up to 6.4% which is an estimated $100 in annual savings. If you haven’t already, it is a good idea to have your furnaces checked and maintained because furnace efficiency slips steadily which means you could be losing more than $100 per year.


Results vary depending on where you are and how old your furnace is. For example, people living in Calgary have saved up to $300 dollars in a year with regular tune-ups and maintenance. However, it is colder here than it is in other parts of Northern America which means their furnaces run more often and at higher temperatures.


Do your homework and check around for furnace maintenance services. Professionals like Furnace Repair Longmont perform furnace tune-ups, cleaning, and maintenance. Professionals like these are sure to keep your furnace running efficiently for years to come.  



Extends Life of Furnace

Most furnaces should last at least 20 years in any home but that is only if you take proper care of it. There are many things you can do yourself to extend the life of your furnace including having a  professional perform regular maintenance, and repairs when necessary. Regular preventative maintenance can add years to your furnaces lifespan. When you avoid routine maintenance on your furnace it is more likely to break down frequently which could cause it to fail completely. Save the time and money now by staying up to date on your furnace maintenance and repairs.  



Lower Utility Bills

No one favours monthly utility bills, especially during the winter when furnaces are running more frequently.  Whether you like it or not this expense is inevitable. How well your furnace is working depends on how much energy it will be using. So, how does a furnace work?


Simply put, your system works by pulling air into your home which keeps it warm. If a component is broken or not working efficiently the furnace will not run at peak efficiency. In the end, your system will spend extra energy in order to work harder to heat the air. This increase in energy usage will result in a larger utility bill.



Furnace Warranty

Have you ever actually read through the warranty on your gas furnace? If you have then you would have noticed a specific clause within the document that requires regular maintenance on your furnace or the company will not honour the warranty. That is because the lack of maintenance will cause your furnace to fail. Make sure you read your furnace warranty before your furnace develops any problems. Purchasing a new furnace is far more expensive than keeping your current furnace maintained.




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