How I Knew That he is my Soulmate

In this century, where technology dominates us, meeting people isn’t as easy as it used to be. People are so locked in their virtual world that the love of your life is probably sitting in front of their computer playing video games or using an app. But what can be done, now that everything has become so virtual?

Is this virtual reality the best? One night, this virtual power won the battle in my brain. Immediately, when I saw the cell phone screen, the anxiety invaded and, a few seconds later, I was opening the app store and downloading a dating application. After so many internal discussions where my reasoning lost the battle, I started using it and my point of view changed completely. There, I met a very nice boy who, soon after I registered, sent me a message and after two weeks of spending all the nights talking we had a date.

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The first date

I cannot lie. I felt scared and spent a lot of time of my life running away from relationships because they seemed to be a total failure. At that moment, I was about to send him a message and cancel our plans but I felt that the best option was to meet him. This whole situation was completely out of what I considered common. But the feeling was still there. As much as I thought about it, something told me that I should take a chance and get to know him.

The long-awaited day arrived. I put on my cutest clothes and went to the restaurant where we would meet. When I arrived and I saw him sitting waiting for me, my perspective changed completely. He was just lovely, and he welcomed me with a huge smile. I can’t explain what I felt at that moment. I looked at his eyes and felt an explosion of emotions. All the time we spent was amazing; we laughed, enjoyed each other’s company and talked for hours. The feeling I had before going became even more intense but I couldn’t find an explanation for it, I wasn’t sure what it was.

So, I came to my house and decided to talk to my psychic on Psychic Source. And the answer she gave me accelerated my heart in ways I couldn’t even imagine. She told me that he was the love of my life.


A couple of last tips:

I felt very relieved when I could talk to my psychic and I think this is one of the most important things when you need someone to give you that kind of help. She listened to me patiently and devoted part of her time to interpret the signs that the universe was giving her regarding this man I met. I feel totally comfortable with her and her advice has helped me to maintain my relationship and be able to continue with the man I love. Establishing a relationship of trust with your psychic is essential so you can get better results, know if it is not a scam and take advantage of all the wonderful things that this beautiful world has to offer us.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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