How Do Mobile Games Make Money?

Smartphones have become common devices for most people around the world. With a variety of uses, one of the most popular is gaming. In fact, people spend about 43% of their time on gaming apps when using their phone. When purchasing a new smartphone, 62% of users will install a gaming app within that first week of ownership. As of 2018, mobile gaming generates more gaming revenue than PC or console gaming. For many this fact seems rather perplexing since many mobile games are actually free. However, there are a variety of ways in which mobile game creators make money.





Requiring some form of payment is of course one method in which mobile gaming makes money, other mobile games collect payment through subscription services. Players must pay a monthly fee in order to play the game. This is especially true for today’s popular massively multiplayer online games or MMOs for short. While this method is used its typically not the preferred method for mobile gaming where game trends change constantly. Of course the most obvious way in which mobile gaming generated income is simply by requiring players to pay up front. These would be games that can be downloaded for use following a one-time payment. Popular mobile games using this method could include Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. The best way to ensure that gamers continue to spend their money on mobile games is by providing a quality game that can sustain the interest of patrons. For instance, the casino games at 888casino are varied and appeal to a wide range of gamers. This is a tried and trusted way of appeasing both new and old customers. The selection of games on offer are regularly added to, while other games are improved, ensuring the site always has a fresh feel to it. Security is another aspect of mobile gaming that is important when attracting customers. Knowing their private information and financial data is secure is vital to players today. In an effort to attract new clientele and reward loyal veteran users, mobile games sites also offer promotions, further encouraging play on their website. 888casino offers these incentives frequently which help increase their business thus generating additional funds for mobile gaming.





One way in which mobile games make money is by offering in-app purchases. These are for virtual enhancements that can improve upon one’s game play. These enhancements can encompass items such as extra levels, cosmetic skins and special gear for use by one’s gaming avatar. Other games even allow players to purchase currency to use within the game in order to purchase special privileges or items. In some games, players are only given a certain number of lives. Once exhausted, players must wait for a certain amount of time to pass before resuming play. This was a popular aspect of the game, Candy Crush Saga. However, in-app purchases can let players purchase more lives without waiting for their character to regenerate. Most of the items that can be purchased are things that typically do not come easy through ordinary gameplay. Typically, they will take a lot of time playing the game to earn. These purchases are made within the gaming app which makes it convenient and easy to do. It also allows players to act on impulse while in the middle of a gaming session which increases the likelihood that a purchase will be made.

The key to successful microtransactions is balance. Game designers must make sure the players don’t feel obligated to purchase them which can result in some feelings of extortion. On the other hand, care needs to be made that the in-app purchase doesn’t significantly provide an overwhelming advantage to one player over others. Some mobile games have failed simply because enough thought didn’t go into designing these in-app purchases. Successful in-app purchases also have a reasonable price tag associated with them. Sometimes they can be less than a dollar or just a few bucks. Since many gamers are minors without credit cards, many gaming companies issue gift cards that can be purchased and loaded to one’s mobile gaming account for these purchases.



Another way in which mobile games can make money is through the use of advertising. Many games are free so long as players watch videos advertising certain products. Watching the video ensures the player that game play will continue but it also generates advertising revenue from the product or service being featured. Before mobile gaming, ads that targeted the gamer demographic mainly focused on Xbox or PlayStation. However, mobile gamers cross a broad spectrum of demographics which makes it possible for advertisements to reach a more diverse group of consumers. As a result, advertising in mobile games has become quite appealing for many looking to showcase their product or service.

Different types of ads can be used with the most typical being display ads. These are often seen in the form of a banner on the screen usually at the bottom. These ads never change and have become less common today than in the past. As technology has advanced so have the advertising methods to go along with it. Another type of ad found commonly in mobile games is the interstitial ad which occurs in intervals rather than being displayed continuously like a display ad. Games that have players move through levels are ideal for interstitial ads which occur at a natural break in game play and obtain the users undivided attention as they must be watched before game play can resume. Some ads even offer incentives with them meaning that after interacting with an ad, the player can receive a special offer. These could include in game currency or a bonus. Another type of advertisement found within mobile games is much more imbedded within the game itself. Contextual ads actually appear in the video game. For instance, a game may feature a billboard ad or even special stops designed around a brand such as those found in Pokémon Go.
With the future of mobile gaming looking bright, many of these methods will continue or perhaps be enhanced as the future of mobile devices broadens. Perhaps advertisers will find new ways in which to connect consumers to new products and services. Regardless, mobile gaming is projected to continue outperforming traditional console and PC games.

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