How Contractors Should Cultivate Uniqueness

In many ways, a contractor is similar to a job hunter. It is someone who is trying to attract the attention of a business to secure a job. However, unlike the typical job hunter, contractors need to think about their interaction with the company as a self-employed specialist – client relationship.

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If you are new to the contracting market, it’s essential to rethink your business approach. Contractors need to differentiate themselves from employees. Consequently, you might struggle to find and retain new clients if you follow the same path as a job seeker. Additionally, it is in your interest to make your profile unforgettable if you’re going to land the next gig. Here are some of the most popular strategies that successful contractors use to bring their profile on top of the pile.


Build your unique brand

When it comes to individuals looking for employment, recruiters are the first to recommend the creation of a unique, digital brand that will enhance their professionalism. Job applicants tend to focus their attention on creating an engaging LinkedIn profile and managing informative and friendly social media accounts. Twitter and Facebook are some of the first platforms that recruiters check after LinkedIn. As a contractor, these pieces of advice still apply.

However, you can elevate your brand by adding a business website that promotes your experience and services. It’s a good idea to create a unique logo that will catch your future clients’ attention!


Tailor your tools for the job

Think about it: Should you offer generic services, or do you need a niche business? As a contractor, picking a profitable niche is the best move you can make for your career. Generic services are unlikely to showcase your expertise. As you specialise, you also want to invest in specialist tools and equipment. Infrastructure builders, for instance, can boast about their TCS Upfitting custom trucks with the knowledge that they‘ve got a competitive edge. Similarly, digital data analysts can build their API tools to create reports on the go. Developing the tools, you need in your job can also propel your profile to the top of the list.


Create your expert corner

It’s hard to convince people you’re an expert without letting them see your work. Depending on your industry sector, you could use a portfolio to showcase your latest projects. Designers, for instance, have reported successful results with a portfolio. Event managers can also use a portfolio to list their most famous gigs. But when a portfolio isn’t a suitable approach, you can use a blog or a podcast to share your experience and knowledge. The Podcast insights team recommends experimenting with recording and editing tools before you’re ready for your first episode. Similarly, blogging experts also suggest writing unpublished articles to figure out your presence’s tone and voice.


Consider the make-the-deal offer.

When people can’t decide between different contractors’ profiles, you can make yourself look more appealing with a deal. An introductory offer could allow potential clients to sample your work for free, for instance. Please think of the offer as a risk-free way of showing clients what you can do for them. 


Being memorable, appealing, and noticeable are your top priorities as a contractor. It would be best if you had a business mindset to design an expert brand that people want to trust. Hopefully, these tips can help you get started and grow your presence.



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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