How Auto Repair Businesses Can Boost Their Profits

Of all the businesses that a person can operate, there are few that are quite as secure as running an auto repair shop. After all, people will always need their vehicles to be fixed: while there are people with enough cash to buy a new car every year, most people need to make theirs last for years. Still, even though there might always be plenty of work, there’s no getting around the fact that operational costs can be high. As such, it’s sometimes necessary to find ways to boost profits. Below, we take a look at four ways to do this.


Work Efficiently


A car comes in, you fix it, the car gets picked up. It’s a simple enough process when it works that way, but more often than not, it doesn’t. Instead, two cars will come in at the same time, and then just as you’re finishing the first one, a third rolls up. It’s easy to see how this would create inefficient working processes. While you’ll never have total control over how and when you fix your vehicles, if you develop a system that makes booking in and managing the vehicles more efficient, you’ll be able to get through more cars, and thus increase your profits.


Call Out Services


Why wait for people to bring their cars to you when you could go to them instead? If you’re currently only operating from your garage, maybe it’s time to expand your reach. Get a vehicle that allows you to perform roadside breakdown recovery, and you’ll be able to charge for that service as well as any repairs that you do. Be aware, however, that being out on the road will mean you’re at risk of being involved in an accident, so you’ll want a robust traders policy so that you’re fully protected. Once you’re all set up, you’ll quickly find that plenty of drivers break down and then need help.


Look at the Whole Car


Someone might come in with a relatively minor problem, but who knows what else is going on under the hood? The driver is unlikely to have an expert eye for these things, but you do – so why not take a look to see what you can find? Of course, it’s important that you don’t try and manipulate your customers. You should only recommend services that they genuinely need, and even then, it should be up to them whether they get it fixed and by whom.


Expand Your Marketing


Marketing is key in any business, including auto repair companies. As an internet user yourself, you’ll know just how important it is to be listed on the front page of Google. You may want to consider working with a marketing team to ensure that’s where your website ends up. It’s important that you list as much information online as possible, especially your phone number and opening hours. Remember, however, that it’s much more cost-efficient to keep your existing customers rather than pursue new ones. Make sure they’re happy with your service!




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