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It is now widely accepted that we are not just simply physical bodies. We are each in fact surrounded by our very own pulsating energy field, commonly referred to as the aura. This subtle energy is not yet measurable by traditional scientific methods however as humans we are acutely aware of its existence. If you’ve ever walked in to a room and immediately felt an atmosphere, then you’ve tuned in to subtle energy.

This subtle energy field is known to interact with our physical bodies by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy. In yoga, these spiraling energy centres are known as chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheels of light’. Each chakra is represented by a colour and is associated with a specific body part.

There are seven main chakras which have an effect on our general health and wellbeing. In order for us to remain in good health, it is important to keep them balanced. If one or more of our chakras is out of balance, we will likely feel the repercussions of this in our physical bodies.

With the stresses of modern life it’s harder than ever to stay balanced one hundred per cent of the time. After all, none of us are perfect. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the best destinations to visit when your chakras are in desperate need of realignment.


Root Chakra

Colour: Red.
Crystal: Tiger’s Eye
Destination: Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the grounding chakra relating to basic needs and in connecting to earth and nature. Tabacon, a resort rooted near the base of the Arenal Volcano, is perfectly fitting in tuning up your root chakra. Enveloped in a maze of lush green and dotted with colorful, exotic flora, the resort is a tropical paradise that spreads across 900 acres of lush rainforest. The resort is touted for its natural thermal springs, cascading waterfalls, and outdoor spa bungalows tucked amid the trees where treatments are set to the sounds of rushing streams and local wildlife. The first thing on the tuning menu, head straight to the thermal mineral springs, which reach temps of 105° and are rich in silica, calcium and lithium, all known to promote overall health and wellbeing. To help guests further align (both their chakras and spine), private yoga classes are held in a rainforest bungalow where they can connect to Mother Nature while practicing their downward dog.


Sacral Chakra

Colour: Orange
Crystal: Carnelian
Destination: Hedonism II

Open up your sacral chakra, your source of passion and sexual energy, at Hedonism II, Jamaica’s famous clothing optional resort. Whether you dare to be nude or prude is up to you, but the resort’s sultry environment and location on Negril’s 7-mile Beach will be sure to start your inner fire. Sexy nightly entertainment and themed costume nights keeps the party going well after the sun goes down and traditional flavorful Jamaican dishes like spicy jerk chicken will bring the heat from within. It’s all about pursuing pleasure at Hedonism II. Your sacral chakra will thank you.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour: Yellow
Crystal: Citrine
Destination: Stanton South Beach

Bring light to your solar chakra, and embrace your personal powers at Stanton South Beach. Located in a more tranquil and serene side of Miami Beach, travelers looking to balance their mental state of mind, can start their day off with sunrise yoga on the beach, just steps away from the resort. Represented by the color yellow, your third chakra will feel at ease as you soak in the sun and create the momentum you need to realize your personal desires. Once you truly immerse yourself in this ambiance, you will feel assertive and will have a harmonious relationship with your surroundings, all while working on your mind, body, soul.


Heart Chakra

Colour: Green
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Destination: Barnsley Resort

Unlock your fourth chakra at Barnsley Resort, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This 3,000-acre storybook site has love rooted in its history, since it was built by Godfrey Barnsley for the love of his life, Julia, making it the ultimate retreat to get in touch with your heart chakra – the center of compassion, unconditional love, and wellbeing. Those in need of balancing their energy center will find peace at this southern retreat as they immerse themselves in the greenery of the picturesque Barnsley Gardens and take part in the variety of outdoor activities. This chakra is associated with the color green, and with no shortage of that here, Barnsley Resort makes it possible to be at one with Mother Nature.


Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli
Destination: Turtle Beach

Harness the power of the throat chakra at Turtle Beach Resort on the lively south coast of Barbados. Ruling over the mouth, vocal cords, and self expression, the throat chakra sits at the crossroad of head and heart and controls our ability to communicate effectively and listen to others. Just minutes from the St. Lawrence Gap, Turtle Beach sits at the epicenter of the island’s vibrant culture and authentic spirit. Tap into your throat chakra with Turtle Beach’s complimentary Bajan dialect lessons, an immersive experience designed to acquaint guests with local island slang. From limin’ at one of the island’s 1500 rum shops to the Friday night fete at Oistins Fish Fry, you’ll walk away with an appreciation for the Bajan dialect and way of life. As an imbalance in the throat chakra is often associated with shyness and poor rhythm, further connect to this chakra and release your inhibitions with the resort’s animated steelpan and calypso dancing lessons.


Third Eye Chakra

Colour: Indigo
Crystal: Amethyst
Destination: Art Ovation Hotel

Awakening your third eye allows you to open up to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception, and Art Ovation Hotel encourages guests to do just that with its creative guest offerings. From learning to play an instrument, paint and sketch, fold origami, or practice “Arts+Asana” yoga inspired by the work of a different local-artist, Art Ovation helps sustain awareness of third eye chakra energy. The function of the third eye chakra is driven by the principle of openness, imagination, and perception of subtle dimensions, and the property’s daily art and wine tours hosted by the property’s cultural curator allows guests to use their inner perception to interpret each piece of artwork while the “Check in, Jam Out” program where guests can call room service and order an instrument for private in-room jam sessions (everything from acoustic guitar, cello, steel guitar, banjo), is offered for guests to explore their musical imagination. The third eye chakra motivates inspiration and creativity and in line with that, Art Ovation Hotel embraces, supports, and celebrates the creativity that lives within Florida’s cultural coast.


Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet
Crystal: Clear Quartz
Destination: Playa Largo Resort & Spa

Awaken your highest energy center, the crown chakra, and pursue enlightenment at Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Key Largo’s blissful luxury resort. Balance your crown chakra, the gateway to discovering one’s true self, and embrace the spiritual connection to your natural surroundings by staying in a luxurious bungalow tucked into Florida’s rare hammock trees, or engage in self-introspection with stand-up paddle boarding on the boundless Florida Bay. Seek serenity with a restorative treatment at Ocean Spa, and revel in the tropical beauty of swaying palms, magenta bougainvilleas and pure white sands, perfectly blended to create that ideal setting for attaining a true sense of peace. As you immerse yourself in the energy of the crown chakra, you will feel the utmost clarity and enlightened wisdom. This is a place where you can truly disconnect and find the truth of your identity.

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