Addicted to love? Hotel Room Boom Boom

Where do I begin….

It comes as no surprise to anyone that when Hotel Tonight recently polled hotel goers and asked if they were more inclined to get a little more “Boom Boom” in a hotel room, that a lot of Canadians responded with a resounding YES.

In the recent survey 50% of Canadians admitted to feeling more adventurous with their lovemaking in in hotel rooms. So what is the lure of getting it on in between hotel room bed sheets vs. in our bedrooms at home?

It’s not your House

Often when we get into routines in life, things can become a little less exciting and that can often be found in the bedroom. So it makes perfect sense that being in a new place that isn’t the same old same would maybe get you going and spice things up.

You’re in a Hotel for a reason

If you are staying in a hotel really there are only so many reasons for it, the top of which being that you are on vacation. Vacation hotel stays generally mean you should be in a great mood, and free of responsibilities. And I’m sure for most people leads to thoughts of then what to do with one’s time, wink wink

You COULD get caught

I’m not sure about you but I have had cleaners and servers seemingly waltz into my hotel room, only to appologize for walking in without giving real notice. With that happening you could be up to some intriguing activities and could in fact get caught, and as we know, some people just love that slim but possible chance.

Here is more info found from this very sexy and actually interesting survey:

  • North American countries lead globally when it comes to feeling more sexually adventurous in a hotel room. Mexicans with 75 per cent feeling more adventurous, Americans follow with a close 73 per cent, while Canadianscome in at a comparatively modest 54 per cent

  • When staying in a hotel, Brits do it on average 2.6 times more than at home, a close comparison to Canadians who make love 2.3 times more. Overall the two countries cited very similar statistics in the steamy survey

  • American men believe that making love in a hotel room lasts on average 10 minutes longer than their female counterparts do, while Canadian women believe that steamy hotel sessions last longer than their male counterparts think they do

  • All participating countries, except Italians, Australians and Russians believe their partner’s performance improves more than theirs in hotel rooms

So the next time you are thinking about booking yourself in for the night at a great hotel, remember what you have been taught today, and make sure to use it to your advantage. Be safe and have fun.



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