Host your own Bachelor Canada Viewing Party: A how-to guide

When it comes to great guilty pleasure TV shows like The Bachelor Canada, it’s always more fun to watch with friends. Someone to laugh with, to share a bottle of wine and to dish with about the episode as it happens.  And since any gathering of more than one counts as a party, that’s exactly what this becomes: a Bachelor Canada Viewing party. And we’ve got your guide to how to pull it off.

The right attire

One of the best parts of hosting a party in your home is you dictate the dresscode. And on a night where all you’re doing is sitting on the couch living vicariously through someone’s televised dating life, that dresscode is casual cozy.  Leggings, big sweaters, basically lots of soft stretchy fabrics in various textures are all that should adorn your body.  That way you’re primed for prolonged comfort and snack consumption.

The right guests

When hosting a viewing party, especially one for a show like the Bachelor Canada you need to choose your guestlist wisely.  You need someone who will commit to watching at least some of the show with you, and is down to have fun while doing it.  Not someone who’s a die-hard fans who’ll take everything super seriously, but not someone who will not hate every minute of watching.  With all that in mind, I asked my dear friend and Bachelor expert Jenn Decan (@jennandthecity, She ticked all the boxes, especially the last and most important one; will bring wine.

The right wine

Generally when hosting any event in your home, it’s a good idea to stock more than one kind of wine, so that there’s something for everyone. A couple of whites, a couple of reds; having a couple of options on hand ensures you’ve got something to suit any occasion. But it’s up to you as the host to pick that first wine to set the tone for the night. For this evening I chose the Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc.  With refreshing green apple, passion fruit and sweet lemon notes, this wine pairs well with savory food.  So whether your guests are drinking your Sauv Blanc to wash down the yummy selection of snacks you’ve put out or sipping it in between gasps and giggles, Two Oceans will definitely be a crowd pleaser. So much show that Jenn showed up with the exact same wine!  Great minds think alike, clearly.


The right snacks

You do know that when you share food, the calories don’t count right?  Now I’m no expert but I’m willing to buy it.  Salty, sweet, crunchy, cheesy: as long as it’s delicious, it belongs at your viewing party.  Make sure you pick something you know your guest will love, because that makes the indulgence so much more fun.  Being that we share a brain, Jenn and I agreed on salty snacks, and knowing her love of bacon, I made sure to have some appropriately flavored chips on hand. Now set with sips and snacks, we were ready to tuck in and enjoy the show.

The right tools to handle any emotional reaction

We all know things can get a little emotional during a show like the Bachelor Canada.  You may shed some tears, you may want to smash a glass or two, or you may not even know what to feel at all. Since we were getting together to watch the homecoming episode and we knew things could get a little emotional, I made sure to have some tissues on hand. And good thing too, since there’s always one adorable family member on that episode that will make your eyes water even a so it’s best to be prepared.  And since TV families can be just as aggravating as real live ones, I made sure the wine glasses we were using were shatter proof just in case a Bachelorette sibling reminded Jen or I too much of one of ours, or if our fave #teamLynsey didn’t get a rose (hey it happens!).  And while I appreciate that glass smashing sentiment, safety does come first.

The right swag

If you’re having a viewing party and don’t post about it, did it really happen?  Of course not.  Make your Bachelor Canada viewing party as instagrammable as possible with great little photo accessories. We love this emoji pillow: it’s perfect to snuggle up to during the show, and can help you express your bachelor crush without ever having to say a word.  For the extra romantic guest, maybe keep a notepad and pen handy for therapeutic thought expression. And when you’re posting those photos make sure you tag @Twooceanswineca and use the hashtag #togetherwithtwooceans to connect with other fans over a glass of wine and your favorite reality show.

What did you think of the last Bachelor Canada episode?  Are you #teamlynsey like @thenadiae and @jennandthecity?  Tweet at us today and let us know! The Bachelor Canada airs Wednesday Nights at 9pm on the W Network.

*this post is a paid partnership between Two Oceans Wine and Addicted Media Inc.

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Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly