Hollerado releases a 111 song love letter to fans

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I’ve always loved the music made by Canadian Indie trio Hollerado. Not only do I love the music they create, but I love the way they always add a thoughtful and innovative touch to their tunes. Hollerado is also a band that loves their fans, and now they’re putting that love on aural display with their special collection of songs dedicated to their equally dedicated fanbase.

Slated for release in late march, 111 Songs will be just that; one hundred and eleven songs inspired by one hundred and eleven fans. On the band’s 2013 release White Paint (featuring the stunning familial tribute “So it goes”), the first 111 fans to pre-order the LP were promised a custom song written exclusively for them.  Now complete, 111 Songs will be available to purchase March 24 as a collection of demos that is expected to form  Hollerado’s highly anticipated 3rd album. This staggering project will serve not only to give fans a huge serving of the music they’ve been craving, but will also give them an intimate look into their favorite band’s creative process.  And since, when it comes to their fans, Hollerado thinks of everything, even the album’s cover art will be another gift to them for their love and loyalty. Illustrated by Martin MacPherson, the cover depicts a 111-headed glow-in-the-dark monster representing each and every person who ordered a custom song.

One fan who pre-ordered the album was lead singer Menno Versteeg’s wife, Annie Murphy.  He wrote the song “Firefly” for her, after a fire destroyed their Toronto condo in Spring 2014. The fire was unfortunately not the only tragedy that befell the band. More recently, guitar player Nixon Boyd was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which the band also openly addresses at their website. After undergoing successful surgery, Boyd has been thankfully given a clean bill of health, and the band is looking forward to putting tough times behind them and heading into the studio to record their 3rd LP with a renewed sense of excitement and hope.

Says the band; “We promised 111 people custom songs.  Then a ‘bunch of stuff’ happened.  It took us a while to finish them but now they are done!  The first track is called “Firefly (Annie Murphy)” and you can hear it here.  The rest of the songs come out on iTunes in March and a glow-in-the-dark 7” vinyl will come out on Record Store Day.”

So if you weren’t one of the smart and loyal fans to earn yourself a song, be sure to get your digital hands on the album on March 24th on iTunes.



Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly